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Get to know Al Boogie Roberson from Street Outlaws Fastest In America

Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws was first released in 2013 and takes a look at the lives of street racers in America. Since its first season, Street Outlaws has become so popular that the show now has many spin-off series, one of which is Fastest In America.

Street Outlaws Fastest In America sees some of the fastest racing teams in the USA compete in the biggest street race yet in Memphis. Up for grabs is a prize of $100,000. Of course, the street racing doesn’t come without some hiccups and cast members Block and Boogie have had drama in the past. So, let’s get to know more about Al Boogie from Street Outlaws.

Love Off the Grid | Official Trailer | discovery+

Love Off the Grid | Official Trailer | discovery+

Who is Al Boogie on Street Outlaws?

Al Boogie Roberson is a cast member on Street Outlaws: Fastest In America.

He’s on team South Carolina and drives a Black ’69 Camaro with lightning on its side.

Street Outlaws: Fastest In America premiered in 2020 and it appears that Al Boogie has been a cast member on the show since season 1.

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Street Outlaws: What happened to Al Boogie’s arm?

Street Outlaws’ Al Boogie Roberson is making history as per Eurweb as he has the use of one arm: “On Sunday, August 25, 2019  grudge racer phenom, Al “Boogie” Roberson penned as the ‘fastest handicap man on the planet’ by pundits of the sport“.

As per LA Style Mix: “Al… lost his arm in a motorcycle incident. The protective gear he was wearing saved his life but unfortunately, he sustained life-changing injuries. During the accident, Al’s right arm was permanently damaged and he was unable to walk.

The outlet added that Al’s right arm was “shattered” and “he was no longer able to use it”.

Meet Boogie from Street Outlaws on Facebook

Al Boogie Roberson can be found on Facebook where he often posts in relation to street racing. He has also taken to Facebook Live in the past and clearly is a family man who also has a lot of friends.

Boogie is also on Instagram @alboogieroberson731 with over 3.7k followers, however, his account is privatised.

As per Al Boogie’s IG bio, he is a businessman as well as a street racer as he writes: “Owner of ABR-Racing” and “CEO of 4th District LLC, A.Roberson Transport LLC“.

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