Born Famous: Meet Jack Ramsay – age, Instagram and more!

Born Famous: Meet Jack Ramsay - age, Instagram and more!

Born Famous is a brand new show to Channel 4 in 2019 which sees the children of famous people experience life as their parents would have.

The lineup includes the kids of Mel B, Michelle Mone, Paul Ince and Gordon Ramsay. But after a life of luxury how will the famous children fair in the real world?

Jack Ramsay is set to appear on episode 1 of the new series which will see him go back to his father’s hometown of Bretch Hill, Oxfordshire.

Gordon comes from a working-class background and lived on 18 different council estates as a youngster. Jack, on the other hand, looks to have had a privileged life, to say the least.

So, what do we know about him? Let’s meet Jack Ramsay on Instagram!

Born Famous: Jack Ramsay – Channel 4

Who is Jack Ramsay?

Jack Ramsay is the son of world-renowned chef Gordon and author and broadcaster Tana Ramsay.

He’s 19 years old and celebrates his birthday on December 31st.

Alongside his family, Jack has appeared on a few TV shows already including Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch, Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live, and Hell’s Kitchen.

His dad, Gordon, came from humble beginnings and now Born Famous will see Jack experience life as his father would have – which is sure to be a far cry from Jack’s life today.

How old is he?

Jack is 19 years old. He is the twin brother of Molly!

She is on Instagram with over 200,000 followers – @hollyramsayy.

Is Jack Ramsay on Instagram?

Yes! Gordon Ramsay’s son has around 260,000 followers on Instagram. (@_jackrams3y_)

And by the looks of his Insta page, he’s got more hobbies than we’ve had hot dinners.

Despite being a full-time student at Exeter University, Jack often finds the time to post the latest things he’s been up to including performing arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, running marathons and playing rugby.

Meet the Ramsay family

Despite his sharp tongue and stressed-out nature, Gordan Ramsay’s a family man at heart. He and his wife, Tana, have five children together but the family has had its fair share of heartbreak.

Tana lost a child, Rocky, in 2016 due to a miscarriage at five months. However, in 2019 the family expanded once more with the joyous arrival of their fifth child, Oscar, in 2019.

Gordon and Tana celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary in 2019 and are also mum and dad to 20-year-old Megan, 19-year-old twins, Jack and Holly, and Matilda who is 17.

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