On this week’s Bride and Prejudice, we check back in with Rob and Simon for their wedding.

Did Linda manage to walk Rob down the aisle? Will Steve’s speech cross the line with his jokes?

But first, let’s meet another pair of our star-crossed lovers.

Jamie and Shaaba are college sweethearts, and now at the age of 23, they’re ready to take the next big step in their relationship.

The happy couple Jamie and Shaaba

Bride and Prejudice: Episode 1 – Jamie and Shaaba

If you’ve only watched the trailers, you might think that the big point of conflict for Shaaba’s mum Fai, is simply that Jamie is white, and not Asian like her family.

But Jamie is also trans.

As he explains, he was born into a female body, but his actual gender is male. In recent years he’s been realigning his appearance to match his gender, for example taking testosterone to lower his voice and allow him to grow facial hair.

Hurdle one: the engagement party.

Fai is struggling with the fact that Jamie is trans. They’ve had a big sitdown chat for the first time, but she can’t seem to get past it. “The transgender thing altogether” is her sticking point. That has left Jamie feeling, in his own words, “really shit” about being trans.

On learning Jamie is upset, Fai calls with a peace offering in mind. But he rejects the offer for her to make the cake for their engagement party. Now Fai is the one who’s offended and poor Shaaba is having to deal with both of them. It’s beginning to look like no-one will end up happy!

Time for Jamie’s parents to save the day?

In their blunt Scottish way, they help Jamie get out of his self-pity and back into a place where he can celebrate the engagement with Shaaba. The reality check from Jamie’s mum is that this is not a party about him being trans, it’s about their relationship and the future. Maybe we can get her to sort out Brexit next, with all that calm, good advice!

We’ll see how the engagement party plays out next week! There are some very serious faces in the preview…

Rob and Simon

Rob and Simon have finally made it to ‘I do’.

They even get their big public kiss after the vows, which Rob’s parents proclaim ‘not gruesome’. Despite it all, they’ve done enough to let their son know they’re proud of him, and let him be happy on his wedding day.

As Rob confirms, he’s the happiest he’s ever been.