Channel 4 announced a huge list of new shows ahead of summer, boasting a 2019 year packed full of new reality TV series.

From Judge Rinder’s new show – where he’s no-longer donning the black gown – to a brand new celebrity swimming show in aid of Stand Up To Cancer, C4 have a lot of new show coming to the network.

However, the show that we’re most intrigued by is called Britain’s Best Parent? Here’s everything you need to know!

Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash
Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

What is Britain’s Best Parent about?

The new C4 series will investigate the world of parenting, asking whether a perfect parenting philosophy truly exists.

Three sets of parents, who consider themselves masters of motherhood and fatherhood, will compete against one other to showcase their parental skills.

The contestants will not only have to justify the approaches that they took when raising their own children but deal with children from other families in practical lessons.

From gender-neutral to vegan, ‘off-grid’ and polyamorous, the strong opinions on best parenting practice is sure to flag some strong debates across the UK.

Everything from child-parent relationships to dietary requirements, sleep regimes and social media allowance will be put under the microscope!

How does the show work?

There are three sets of parents on the show. Each of them will be given the opportunity to outlay their methods in individual episodes.

The parents will put their methods and morals on display by looking after the other two families. When all three families have had their turn, they’ll come together to view and debate each of their respective experiences.

The decision of ‘Britain’ best parent‘ will come down to the studio audience, who act as judges for the nation in the final episode.

When is Britain’s Best Parent on TV?


For now, we know that the series will air on Channel 4 in a prime time slot.

Vivienne Molokwu, Commissioning Editor for Features and Formats at Channel 4, said:

Judging is an instinctive human trait and when it comes to assessing the rights and wrongs of parenting everyone seems to have an opinion, theory or practice they just can’t wait to share. Britain’s Best Parent? is an ambitious competition format that explores this space and invites debate and discussion about the myriad of ways the nation is raising the next generation.

Do Giles and Mary have children? The Gogglebox couple almost didn’t join the Channel 4 series!

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