Tonight (Wednesday, January 9th), Channel 4 are relaunching series Shut Ins: Britain’s Fattest People.

The series kick-starts with a snippet inside the life of Claire before moving on to Andrew.

Here’s a look at the two main characters who will feature on the documentary, with a glance back at some of the other memorable characters from over the years.

Jonny, Emily and kids
Jonny, Emily and kids (EPISODE 3)

Britain’s Fattest People 2019

Episode 1 of Britain’s Fattest People introduces us to Claire, who is diagnosed as morbidly obese.

At the time of filming, Claire weighed 40-stone (254 kg) and was bedbound for six years, unable to leave the confinement of her bedroom due to her weight.

In the episode, Claire faces some serious consequences and is tasked with drastic lifestyle changes by local surgeon Nick Carter.

Daughters Tracey and Jasmine have to look after their mum, despite Tracey having two young children and a home of her own, leaving the large part of care duties on 19-year-old Jas.

Jasmin and Tracey (Claire’s Daughters)
Jasmin and Tracey (Claire’s Daughters)

Episode 2 of the 2019 series welcomes Andrew.

The 36-stone (228 kg) husband is recommended a new and experimental surgical procedure to help enhance his lifestyle and prolong his life.

However, Andrew must prove that he is committed to the cause of losing weight, sticking to a strict high protein diet that he will have to keep up for the rest of his life.

Andrew and Sharon
Andrew and Sharon

Aftab Ali

The Channel 4 series has been running since 2015, focusing on different personalities each year.

Star of series 1 was 40-stone Aftab Ali. He lost six stone in six months although we have not been able to catch up with Ali now.

Sharon Hill

Another huge success story of the show is Sharon Hill, who was dubbed Britain’s Fattest Women in 2014.

Sharon took part in Britain’s Fattest People 2015 and appeared in the series again in 2017 when producers caught up with her following radical bariatric surgery.

Her weight was reduced from 46 stone to 33 stone thanks to the procedure.

Sharon is now 38-years-old and has kept her weight around the 30-stone mark.


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