Britain's Flashiest Families: Meet the Exton TWINS on Instagram!

If you thought the Exton twins looked extravagant on Channel 5’s Britain’s Flashiest Families then wait until you see their Instagram accounts!

Tom and James are the founders of LDN Muscle, a nutrition and fitness company that exploded over the last five years thanks to the influence of YouTube and Instagram.

Here’s a look at the 30-year-old twins on Instagram.

Cars, Cars, Cars!

Tom (the one with the beard) loves cars so much that he has listed his vehicles in his Insta bio.

It reads:

Aventador SV | 911T | Defender | Golf GTI | G63

Car Envy

However, it’s not Tom’s collection of cars that will make you jealous.

On top of his role with LDN Muscle he also road tests multi-million-pound supercars on YouTube.

According to The Sun, Tom not only gets to ride the coolest cars in the world but also makes up to £8,000 per review video.

Flashing Fashion Cash

Twin brother James prefers to flash his cash in the way of fashion.

He sports a lot of Gucci when not promoting his own LDN Muscle brand, albeit usually in the form of tracksuits.


P.S Excuse the man bun thing attached to his head.

Watches and Abs

What do the stars of Britain’s Flashiest Families also love to promo on their Instagram accounts?

Of course, it’s their expensive watches and rippling abs.

This particular model is the RM011 Le Mans edition – one of only 30 in the world I believe.



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