Britain's Flashiest Families: We found Chihuahua lover LIZZIE on Instagram!

Channel 5 launched a new reality documentary tonight (Thursday, November 29th).

Britain’s Flashiest Families focuses on a selection of loud and proud excessive spenders across the U.K.

There’s four-Porsche man Nigel, the LDN Muscle Exton twins and Lizzie Lewis.

Considering Lizzie spent £7,000 on her pet Chihuahua’s birthday party, here’s a glimpse at the rest of her lavish lifestyle on Instagram.

That Chihuahua Party

In Channel 5’s Britain’s Flashiest Families we witness Lizzie spending £7,000 for her pet Chihuahua’s birthday.

Her doggo, Oscar, turned eight.

Naturally, this meant hiring a party planner and spoiling the little pup rotten with personalised dog bowls, a dog-friendly cake and champagne on tap – that was for the humans, though.

Dog Holidays!

It’s not just special occasions where Oscar is treated like a king.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Still to Come Trailer | Bravo

He seems to travel with Lizzie everywhere and has enjoyed vacations to St Tropez and Amsterdam in recent months.

Raunchy Side

Lizzie likes to let loose her raunchy side on Insta.

Free the nips, bum shots and some very sassy Playboy bunny outfits…

Really That Glam?

Although Liz will happily blow 7k on a dog’s birthday, not everything on her Instagram is that lavish and luxury,

Whether it’s touring across Australia in your bog-standard campervan or getting down and dirty at a festival, Liz doesn’t appear to be one of Britain’s Flashiest Families members 24/7.




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