Big Brother season 23 kicked off on CBS on July 7th 2021. The all-new season sees HouseGuests do everything they can to bag themselves a grand prize of $750,000 – the biggest BB prize fund to date!

The Big Brother 2021 HouseGuests faced challenges as soon as they joined the show. Julie Chen Moonves is hosting the season which is set to run until September 29th.

Without access to the outside world, internet, phones and just the company of 15 strangers, the contestants have their work cut out in this game of social manipulation! One HouseGuest who’s had her eye on the prize since the very beginning is Britini D’Angelo.

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Screenshot: Big Brother Britni autism diagnosis explored – CBS

Big Brother 23: Meet Britini D’Angelo

Britini D’Angelo is one of the 16 contestants announced as taking part in Big Brother 23!

She hails from Niagra Falls, New York and is 24 years old.

Britini is a teacher to-be and graduated with masters in science and education in 2021.

During her undergraduate degree, she completed two different majors in the same four-year time span and graduated valedictorian of her class!

Britini is a woman of many talents, she’s been dancing since she was five and has done Karate since she was 12 years old. Britini is a three-time world champion in the sport as has a and 4th-degree black belt.

The BB23 has a TikTok following of over 170k (@britini_dangelo). She often takes to the platform to share dance videos and positive messages.

Britini’s autism diagnosis

Britini’s qualifications are impressive to say the least, but when we learn of her journey to get where she is today, it’s safe to say hats should be taken off for the BB contestant.

Britini said during her Big Brother 23 introduction: “I’ve had to work five times harder to get to where I am today because when I was 22 months old I was diagnosed with autism.

She continued: “I’ve come so far but it has not been easy by any regard. So, it’s not just doing this for me, it’s doing this for every single kid who has a disability“.

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What does Twitter think of the Big Brother star?

By the looks of Twitter, Britini has a lot of fans. The Niagra Falls native wanted to inspire other people with disabilities and it seems that she’s doing just that.

One person Tweeted: “Britni’s intro package is a great example of why fans really shouldn’t form snap judgments of the houseguests based on preseason interviews.”

Another Twitter user said: “I am so happy to have Brittni on BB23. Another educated & successful autistic person for my autistic grandson to look up to“.

Some else Tweeted: “All caught up on #bb23 and my fav is Tiffany. Xavier is a close second. Hannah seems sharp! And as an autism mom, I hope Britni goes far.

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