Brooke Berry is starting to come out of her shell on Big Brother 2018.

The 21-year-old was caught up in an argument with Anamelia Silva, where she decided that she could no longer hold her tongue when it came to their differences.

While Anamelia is expected to be voted off at the next given chance, Brooke could slide into the more favoured group of BB contestants.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Brooke Berry!

Big Brother 2018 - Brooke

Big Brother 2018 – Brooke

Brooke is a Blogger

Although her full-time job is a graphic designer, Brooke also has her own blog called

Unlike the majority of modern-day bloggers who write about travelling, fitness and the best small coffee shops in Shoreditch, Brooke has an extremely niche topic.

She blogs about Buddhism in the modern world and how Buddhist teachings can help with everyday problems.

Everything is my own words, thoughts and opinions unless stated otherwise, however all is inspired by the 2,500 year old teachings of Buddha a variety of spiritual teachers, writers, practitioners and friends.

She is Always Travelling

Brooke described herself to Big Brother as nomadic, meaning she is never is the same place for long.

She started life in Cornwall but has since lived across the U.K, as well as the French Alps, Cyprus and Ibiza. She’s moved more than 20 times in the last five years!

We imagine that she is seriously bored of the Big Brother house by now.

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Happy birthday to me x

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Brooke is a Lesbian

Brooke identifies as lesbian and hopes to use her time in the house by positively representing young lesbian women.

She believes that LGBT issues should be more openly discussed in boys and girls.


She Used to Have a Part-shaved Head

Rewind back to 2017 and Brooke looked quite different.

Not only did she have darker, black hair but she also had a side section shaved off.

Remember that trend?

Brooke Has Modelled

Whether it was professionally or not, Brooke does have the odd modelling photo on her Insta page.

Here she is styling some Calvin Klein underwear for advertising and fashion photographer AdVaughan.

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? @ad.vaughan

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