Buried By The Bernards: Meet Deja and Raegan Bernard on Instagram

Deja and Raegan Bernard are two cast members of new series Buried By The Bernards. Starring alongside family members, Kevin, Debbie and Ryan, viewers get acquainted with all the Bernards on the show.

Buried By The Bernards is a new addition to Netflix on February 12th 2021. The show is centred around a Memphis-based funeral home run by Ryan Bernard. Deja and Raegan are Ryan’s daughters who also star in the show, so let’s get to know them a little better…

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Buried By The Bernards: Meet Deja

Deja Bernard is a cast member on new reality TV series on Netflix – Buried By The Bernards.

The daughter of the funeral homeowner can be seen quitting her job during episode 1 of the series. Deja is pregnant during the show and Instagram provides viewers with an insight into her life after the series.

She was 24 at the time of filming Buried By The Bernards. Find Deja on Instagram @thediaryofdejabernard with around 4000 followers. By the looks of IG, Deja is in a long-term relationship and has two children.

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Who is Raegan Bernard?

Eighteen-year-old Raegan also features on Buried By The Bernards alongside her sister.

Raegan has almost 2k followers on Instagram @raegan.bernard. Her account sees her chilling with Tyga and posting throwback photos to her school days.

The Netflix star recently launched a soy candle brand named Ralai By Raegan.

Are the other Bernard family members on IG?

Yes, the Bernard sisters’ father, Ryan, is on Instagram @ryan_bernard1210. He has around 600 followers but that figure is likely to grow following the release of Buried By The Bernards.

Ryan is a single dad to two and said during the show that the future of his business will be in the hands of his daughters. Ryan’s uncle, Kevin, is the facility manager of R Bernard Funeral Services while his mother, Debbie, is the office manager – AKA “The Boss”.

Find Debbie on Instagram @ms.debbietheboss. The girls’ grandmother can be seen running a tight ship on the Netflix series and even fires Deja at one point. Ryan said that the concept of the funeral service initially began as a partnership but it looks as though Debbie has assumed her position of ‘The Boss’.

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