Hannah Brauer has Byron Baes fans totally confused at her accent

Hannah Brauer has Byron Baes fans totally confused at her accent

Netflix welcomes its viewers into the “Mecca for influencers” that is Byron Bay in 2022. A brand new eight-episode series dropped on March 9th and despite the ‘chilled vibes’ exterior the cast is aiming for, it looks like Byron Baes is set to be filled with drama right from the get-go.

Some of the cast members have lived their whole life in Byron Bay and others are newbies on the scene. Episode 1 already sees emotions running high at Hannah Brauer’s birthday party. So, let’s find out more about the sound healing enthusiast, Byron Baes’ Hannah Brauer…

Byron Baes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Byron Baes | Official Trailer | Netflix

Get to know Hannah Brauer

Hannah Brauer is an established brand manager from Byron Bay. During Byron Baes episode 1, she said: “Byron Bay has this strong power that if it wants you here it sucks you in. If it doesn’t, it literally spits you out.

She and her family have a clothing company called Bisque and she and her mother can be seen modelling the brand’s clothing during the Netflix show.

Hannah described her personality as “bohemian, eclectic and a little bit strange“. She added: “Our style reflects the earthy vibe of Byron. We’re relaxed and chilled.”

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Hannah on Byron Baes

Hannah described herself as “relaxed and chilled” but viewers can be prepared for her to be so laid back she’s almost horizontal on the show. Hannah’s co-star, Alex Reid, asked: “Is this chick for real? It’s very ‘Byron Bay’.”

During episode 1, Hannah could be seen crying over crystal gifts and holding sound healing parties for her birthday.

When it comes to Hannah’s love life, she said being single is “good” and also revealed that she and her co-star, Nathan Favro, had “hooked up” a few times in the past.

Many viewers of Byron Baes have taken to Twitter to express their confusion over Hannah’s accent since the show’s dropped on Netflix. One viewer tweeted: “Hannah has literally 50 different voices on the show.

Another wrote: “Has anyone else noticed Hannah’s accent coming and going“.

Get to know the Byron Baes star on Instagram

Hannah Brauer has over 12K followers on Instagram @misshannahdivine.

It’s no surprise that Hannah’s magical, spiritually connected, zen personality is translating over to her IG page.

She can often be seen sporting Bisque clothing on her Instagram page, posing in front of some stunning backdrops that New South Wales has to offer.

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