The nation’s grandad, Sir David Attenborough, is back on the BBC this month with another amazingly insightful documentary.

David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities aims to examine the mysteries behind some of the natural world’s most fascinating creatures and wildlife.

However, the series – season 4 – was first released in 2017 on the W Channel. Does that the entire full season is raring to go online? Can you binge-watch the whole thing now?

Here’s everything you need to know!

Sir David Attenborough

What is David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities about?

Sir David is sharing his wisdom with us all once again as he sheds light on the wonders of evolution in the animal kingdom.

Episode 1, named Animal Frankensteins, focuses on the natural world’s strange hybrids, featuring a cross between a polar bear and a grizzly.

Episode 2 moves on to the animal’s kingdom best navigators, which happens to be pigeons and dung beetles, while episode 3 is called Extreme Babies.

There are six episodes in the series in total, which goes on to highlight tortoises, ostriches, kangaroos and a whole lot more.

Where can I watch Natural Curiosities?

The brand new series of Natural Curiosities airs every Friday night on BBC Two.

It starts at 7.30pm.

There are six scheduled episodes on the BBC, which will keep you busy until April 12th.

Screenshot: BBC Natural Curiosities

Can I watch Natural Curiosities on Netflix?

Sadly not.

Nor this series 4 of David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities or any of the previous three are on Netflix.

However, you can binge some of his other shows like Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Frozen Planet on the streaming platform.

Where can I watch this Natural Curiosities series online?

Each episode of Natural Curiosities will be uploaded to the BBC iPlayer shortly after it finishes airing.

Unfortunately, all six episodes will not be on BBC iPlayer until they air on TV.

If you want to watch the full season right now – or any of the other three Natural Curiosities series – then you must pay-to-watch via either iTunes or the Amazon Prime streaming platform.

Screenshot: BBC Natural Curiosities


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