Street Outlaws fans have the regular pleasure of watching all the Discovery show’s spin-offs each week. Now, they can get up real close to the racing teams as they stay in one big house together, on its After Hours series.

The 405, Team NOLA and the MSO will be seen arriving and sleeping at their residences in Southern Texas, where they test, tune and try to survive as roommates. So it won’t just be drama on the track but fuelled in their spare time, too.

Fans are eager to find out how they can watch Street Outlaws: After Hours on Discovery Plus. We’ve got the ultimate streaming guide, from prices to episode release times, in 3… 2… 1… Gooooo!

Is Street Outlaws: After Hours on Discovery Plus?

No, the spin-off After Hours is not currently available on Discovery Plus. Only its Monday night show America’s List can be watched on the streaming service, but those who wish to tune into its spin will have to watch the show as it airs.

The streaming service simply doesn’t add every show to its platform, especially a new spin-off series. Fans can tune into Street Outlaws: America’s List After Hours live on Discovery every Tuesday at 8pm, before Gone Girl.

However, this is not to say that the behind-the-scenes series won’t be on Discovery Plus – which starts from £4.99 a month – in the future. For now though, this has not been confirmed by the network.

Episode guide to Discovery show

Spin-off show Street Outlaws: After Hours first premiered on Tuesday March 15th at 9pm. There are four, one-hour specials in total, which will air on the following dates:

What to expect on After Hours

For the first time, cameras capture a behind the scenes look at how the racers on America’s List prepare for race night and then deal with the aftermath. During the episodes, viewers will follow The 405, Team NOLA, and Memphis.

The teams will be seen working on their cars in preparation for the list races, test races near the border of Mexico and, as Discovery states, they will “drive” their teammates crazy as they find ways to blow off steam while living together.

If you only want the track action, then Street Outlaws: America’s List is the one to watch, which airs every Monday night at 8pm, a day before the After Hours special hits the Discovery channel.



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