Catriona Gray was crowned Miss Universe 2018 winner on Monday (December 18th).

The gorgeous Filipino claimed the award during the coronation event in Bangkok, Thailand, as she stunned audiences in a breathtaking red dress.

As expected, Catriona’s Instagram account has suddenly exploded, more than doubling in size to around two million followers – and still growing!

You can catch the 24-year-old under @catriona_gray and enjoy stunning pictures like these select ten.

Screen Shot: Instagram Catriona Gray

Screen Shot: Instagram Catriona Gray

Catriona Gray Red Dress

Catriona was wearing this stunning red dress as she became the 67th Miss Universe and the fourth beauty queen from the Philippines.

The red dress wasn’t chosen by chance, either. Catriona’s mum revealed that when her daughter was 13 years old she had a vision that she would win the competition in a red dress.

The vision inspired Catriona’s showstopping outfit as she refused to wear anything but a red dress.

This woman was destined to win!

Hat Goals

For anyone who sunburns easy, take a massive leaf out of Catriona’s book and invest in a hat like this.

Unfortunately, however, we imagine that only Miss Universe winners can pull it off…

Catriona Gray Gown

Another one of Catriona’s most stunning gowns from her time on Miss Universe 2018 was this shimmering orange dress.

It was styled towards a Filipino folklore.

Catriona’s Instagram read:

My preliminary gown was inspired by the ‘Ibong Adarna’: a prominent Filipino folklore that is a mythologicalnous bird.

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IBONG ADARNA 🧡🇵🇭 The Blazing Siren by @maktumang My preliminary gown was inspired by the 'Ibong Adarna': a prominent Filipino folklore that is a mythologicalnous bird. Story goes, the Ibong Adarna's enchanting voice can enable complete healing to anyone who hears it. Some artists liken it to the mythological Phoenix where it recurrently regenerates itself by arising amidst a spectacle of flames and candescence. This makes it a fitting symbol of resilience, rising and rebirth. 🇵🇭🔥 My earrings were designed by me and executed by @tesserajewelry as another ode to the Philippines with the Philippine sun and golden South sea pearls, our national gem. 🇵🇭 Thank you to @maktumang for his amazing craftsmanship and exquisite execution of this gown, to @justine.aliman19 and @ton_lao for styling in @bragaisjojo heels and @tesserajewelry. Thank you to mamang @hairbybrentsales and @jellyeugenio for teaching me to slay my hair and makeup! And to @carlosbuendiajr, the man behind my walk 🌋 I love you all!!!

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Prior to her arrival in the Miss Universe sphere, Catriona was rocking some of the most stunning dresses to ever grace this planet.

Take a look at some of these extraordinary dresses and gowns…

Beach Babe

Naturally, hailing from the Philippines, Catriona loves fresh sea water, salty hair and sandy beaches.


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