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cavern box blind frog ranch

Blind Frog Ranch's mysteries continue as cavern box contains bored rocks

Discovery show Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is back for a second season in 2022 following the success of season 1. There were many mysteries unfolding in 2021, but far too many to contain within one season. So, now Chad and Duane Olinger are back to uncover more secrets at Blind Frog Ranch.

From ancient coins to potential Aztec treasure, there have been many finds on the Utah ranch to date. But as of season 2 episode 4, there’s still a cavern box to extract and examine the contents of on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch.

Love Off the Grid | Official Trailer | discovery+

Love Off the Grid | Official Trailer | discovery+

Extracting the cavern box on Blind Frog Ranch

At long last, during Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 2 episode 4, Duane, Chad and their team extract the box from the cavern on their ranch.

Getting the box out didn’t come without its challenges which seems to be a theme on the Discovery series.

Duane, Chad, Charlie Snider, geologist Eric Drummond and investigator Jamie Dube have a near-on disaster when getting the box out of the cavern, but the team managed to successfully extract it and discover its contents.

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The cavern box contents explored

After the cavern box’s extraction almost ended in disaster, it likely made the victory even sweeter when Duane and his team could see what was stored inside it.

As per Discovery, a new mystery is uncovered when the team looks at the box’s contents: “Eric discovers another incredible mystery: the large rocks that are inside the box have been bored, and contain cylinders of a strange metal that liquefies at room temperature.

The cast question whether the “strange metal” could be part of the Aztec treasure or something different entirely.

Bored rocks and liquid metal are found on Blind Frog Ranch

Given that bored rocks were found in the cavern box on Blind Frog Ranch, it essentially means that the rocks have been tampered with by people for some reason before being put into the box. Boring would have been carried out using tools but it’s up to Duane and his team to work out how and why the rocks have been altered.

They find cylinders of a strange metal that liquefies at room temperature.

However, when the experts try to uncover why there is an unusual metal hiding in a cavern in Utah, it remains yet another mystery to solve at Blind Frog Ranch

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