Cecil and Tammy’s friendship was showcased on Bravo’s Married to Medicine, and fans are wondering if they are on good terms.

The eighth season of Married to Medicine is coming back on our screens on Monday March 7th, bringing back memories of Dr. Simone’s relationship.

Dr. Simone and her husband Cecil Whitmore faced some challenges, part of them coming from his friendship with a woman called Tammy.

So, are Cecil and Tammy from Married to Medicine still friends? Let’s look back at what happened, and get an update on where their friendship lies…

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Who are Cecil and Tammy?

Cecil is Dr. Simone’s husband, while Tammy was one of his best friends.

They used to go golfing together, which emerged on social media.

Tammy Miller reportedly used to go with Cecil on golfing trips, as well as holidays to Rome and Mexico.

She also spent some New Year’s Eve nights with Cecil and his wife Dr. Simone.

What happened between Cecil and Tammy?

Cecil invited Tammy, who lives in Atlanta, to their house for Christmas, where she stayed for eight days.

Dr Simone said she felt like her husband was giving more time to Tammy emotionally, and stormed out on him when he made excuses for her.

His friend Tammy almost got them divorced, according to Bravo.

Cecil and Tammy went out for dinner on his birthday, with his wife Dr Simone saying he was putting their friendship before her.

Dr. Simone then reportedly filed for divorce, but it is thought they moved back in together, and are now happily enjoying their marriage.

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Are Cecil and Tammy still friends?

  • It doesn’t look like they are still in touch

Cecil agreed to cut Tammy off after being given advice from the other Married to Medicine couples, with hopes to save his relationship.

Dr. Simone and her husband went to a therapy session with Dr. Ken, where Cecil apologised for bringing a friend into their marriage.



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