Celeb Road Trip: Lost in Transylvania - Bobby thinks Roman's are from Romania!

Celeb Road Trip: Lost in Transylvania may be our new favourite reality TV show!

Some genius at Channel 5 decided to throw together four of the most unlikely reality TV stars, and the result is incredible.

Here’s how episode one of Celeb Road Trip: Lost in Transylvania unfolded, starting with a major gaffe from TOWIE’s Bobby Norris!

Celebrity Road Trip: Lost in Transylvania – 5 STAR

Celebrity Road Trip: Cast

The four celebrities set to take on Dracula first hand are Chris Hughes, Mark Francis, Bobby Norris and Dan Osborne.

We know, what an incredibly random mix!

Chris is famous for his exploits on Love Island series 3, Mark hails from Made in Chelsea, while Bobby and Dan are both famous faces from the world of The Only Way is Essex.

Dan also appeared in Channel 5’s summer series of Celebrity Big Brother where he made the final.

Celebrity Road Trip: Lost in Transylvania – 5 STAR

Lost in Transylvania: Episode 1

The three-part series, which finishes on Friday, November 2nd, started with Bobby Norris donning the most inappropriate outfit he could have possibly thought of.

While Dan and Chris ‘casualled’ things down in their joggers – and Mark Francis flung a jumper over his shoulders so everyone knew that he was the posh one – Bobby decided to wear a Roman gladiator outfit.

The fancy dress piece had Mark Francis not only turning his nose up in disgust but howling in disgrace as Bobby explained that he thought “Roman’s were from Romania.”

Mark sassily replied:

Different country, different city, different costumes.

The Lads on Tour

The rest of the episode proved a masterclass on how to mix celebrities from varying backgrounds.

While none of them clashed in a bad way, there were plenty of shots fired between the crew, especially as Mark made digs at Dan Osborne for wearing a vest.

Always wear sleeves around Marky-Mark…

There were some loose links to Dracula in the episode, with the whole point of the boys’ trip to Transylvania to get a better understanding of the truths and myths behind the Count.

We highly recommend watching the 5 STAR series where you can expect Chris to continue asking ridiculous questions, such as “is he dead” when referring to Dracula, and Dan to nod in agreement.

Combined with Mark’s sombre mood and a clear desire to be anywhere else in the world than stuck in a van with the other three, Celeb Road Trip: Lost in Transylvania is a winner.




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