It’s only January and Celebrity Coach Trip has already come to an end in 2020.

The series kicked off the New Year with a bang on Monday, January 6th on Channel 4.

Bringing some European sunshine to our screens, six pairs of celebrities jumped on board Brenda’s coach with new faces joining the show each episode.

The show started off in the glamorous St. Tropez and ended in chic Barcelona. The Celebrity Coach Trip 2020 winner was announced on Friday, January 24th – so let’s take a look at who won…

Screenshot: Celebrity Coach Trip 2020 winner – Channel 4

The finale: Things got emotional

The grand finale of Celebrity Coach Trip 2020 aired on Friday, January 24th. The celebrities took to their usual formation for the final vote which was suprisingly close.

Athletes Kadeena Cox and Perri Shakes Drayton voted for YouTubers Woody and Kleiny.

Woody said: “This means a lot to me and him in terms of what we’re doing and our journey. We’re absolutely in awe of you. To have your vote, we’ve won already.”

It was really anyone’s game when the celebrities stood around to make the final vote of the series. Woody and Kleiny, Stephen and Brennan and Adele and Kate all received votes.

Celebrity Coach Trip 2020 – winner

After an episode which included human football,


Artem said: “Tonight we are voting for Adele and Kate.  All these fears that you overcame sealed the deal for us. We feel like you winning would mean the world.”

Adele said: “Artem and Graziano are like mythical creatures to us. We completely weren’t expecting their vote.”

It was Woody and Kleiny who decided the winners of the show. And they decided to vote for Adele and Kate.

Once they were announced the winners, Adele and Kate were very emotional. Adele said: “I feel like we’ve left the old Kate and Adele when we got on on day one and we get to start our new life together now, don’t we babe?”

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Screenshot: Celebrity Coach Trip 2020 winner – Channel 4




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