Celebrity Coach Trip: Who is Arron Crascall? Social media star has 4 million followers!

Celebrity Coach Trip is back on Channel 4 for its fourth series with a bigger and better line-up than ever before!

From reality TV royalty such as Vicky Pattinson and Francis Boulle to the more recent stars of Love Island, this season has it all.

But one of the lesser known faces in the line-up who is slowly breaking into the world of television is social media comedian and YouTube star Arron Crascall.

So, who is the prankster of the trip, Arron? Find out everything you need to know about him here.

Pictured: Arron

Meet Arron from Celebrity Coach Trip

Arron Crascall is a 37-year-old from Dover, England who made his name as a social media comedian on platforms such as Vine and Instagram.

Arron is married to a woman named Charlotte – who, as you may imagine, gets pranked by him constantly – and the couple have two children together.

Not much is exactly known about Arron, as he presents himself as a variety of comic personas on the internet. So, we’ll have to get to know the real Arron better on Celebrity Coach Trip!

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Arron the comic star

Arron’s career as a comedian with a prankster persona began when he created a Vine account back in 2013. He became one of the most successful Viners out there before the video app shut down in 2017.

But before his Vine career ended, Arron had established a name for himself. He was such a success that back in 2015 he was named as Heat magazine’s Best Viner.

Off the back of Vine closing, Arron began to use Instagram and YouTube as his primary platforms to create content.


He has amassed such a following that he began to be booked on TV comedy shows. Arron has worked on Drunk History, Hey Tracey! and CelebAbility.

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Follow Arron on social media

If you want to join Arron’s mega fanbase, then Instagram is the best place to find him.

He has 4.8 million followers on Instagram where he posts prank videos, little sketches and other hilarious content in the same way he used to Vine. You can find him @arron_crascall.

Arron has over 6 million likes on Facebook where he posts his videos as well. His videos are then uploaded to his YouTube account where he has nearing half a million subscribers.




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