Celebs Go Dating Kyiis - MEET Eyal Booker's date for Crete!

Eyal Booker became the first Celebs Go Dating star to nail down a date for Crete.

The grand finale of Celebs Go Dating season 5 will air on Thursday night (November 8th), where the nine celebs will bring a date to the Greek Island of Crete.

Not that Eyal’s new lover had any idea what or where Crete was.

Solid start…

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating Kyiis, Channel 4

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating Kyiis, Channel 4

Screen Shot: Celebs Go Dating Kyiis, Channel 4

Festival Queen

If there’s one message we get from Kyiis’s Instagram page, it’s that she’s a festival queen.


Odds on Kyiis rocking up to Crete with glitter and a bumbag are pretty high…

Bikini Time

The grand entrance for each of the non-celebs during the Celebs Go Dating final is always pretty damn epic.

Shot in slow motion, each of the dates slowly approach the gang of celebrities to the sound of cheers and whistles.

Question is, which bikini will Kyiis wear? And will she be the hottest girl on the day?

Beauty Babe

In case you were wondering what Kyiis’s profession is, she’s a 19-year-old beautician.

However, she’s also worked as a recruitment consultant in Essex and has looked to get into modelling via Star Now.

Is Kyiis Still with Eyal?

Seems filming would have been concluded several months ago and there is no social media evidence putting Eyal and Kyiis together, we’re going to say it’s a big fat no.

None of the celebs actually go on to dating their Crete finalists, so it’s not that much of a shock.

Besides, it’s definitely Eyal’s loss…




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