Celebs Go Dating: We found Alain on Instagram - Nathan Henry's exotic hunk!

Celebs Go Dating is steamrolling towards the business end of the series with the grand finale scheduled for next Thursday (August 29th).

The season 7 celebrities must pick one lucky average Joe to join them in Crete although Geordie Shore star Nathan Henry is currently caught in two minds.

Nathan will take either exotic hunk Alain Falzon or dark-haired Manchester man Lance Cox to Greece. We know for a fact that one of these guys will make the final!

As Nathan prepares for more passionate dates with Alain, let’s get to know him on Instagram and more.

Screenshot 2019: Celebs Go Dating 2019 Nathan Henry and Lance

Who does Nathan Henry end up dating?

Either Alain or Lance ends up heading to Crete for the series 7 finale… or maybe even both, just like we’ve seen in previous seasons with the likes of Callum Izzard and Sam Thompson.

You wouldn’t put it past Nathan!

Lance is a 31-year-old from Manchester where he works as a procurement coordinator, which basically means handling all of his company’s purchasing decisions and being very handy with numbers.

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Also with dark hair, eyebrows and a smart short haircut, it looks as if Nath has a type. Lance is on Instagram under @lance.cox.

Screenshot 2019: Celebs Go Dating 2019 Nathan Henry and Lance

Who is Alain Falzon?

Candidate number two is Alain Falzon, who is an exotic mix of Spanish, British, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian and French.

His Instagram states that he was born in Paris, raised in Barcelona and is currently based in London. It basically means that he’s the type of guy who probably doesn’t have time for cities like Warrington!

According to his LinkedIn, Alain studied marketing at the University of Catalunya (in Barcelona) from 2014-2018 and now works in retail sales at Chanel in London. He also worked with Prada, Gucci and Versace in Spain – we’re mega jealous of his staff discount history!

You can follow Alain on Instagram under @agfalzon, where he already has close to 5,000 followers.

His Gram’ is super heavy on travelling and abs… not that anyone is complaining.

Opinion: Should Nathan pick Alain or Lance?

Judging by the dates, it looks as if Nathan is balled over by Alain’s passionate character and desperately wants to take him to the grand final in Crete based on lust alone.

It’s something we’ve seen on the regular from Nath during his time on MTV’s Geordie Shore and let’s hope he picks love over lust at last on Celebs Go Dating 2019.

While Nathan has chemistry with both Lance and Alain, it’s Lance who seems like the more genuine and finished product to make some quality boyfriend material.





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