Channel 4 series Shipmates finally has a confirmed air date - all aboard!

Channel 4 series Shipmates finally has a confirmed air date - all aboard!

A new reality TV series is launching on Channel 4 which we expect to be a combination of both Love Island and Geordie Shore. Think ‘tashing on’ and ‘getting mortal’ combined with bikini-clad women and nearly naked men… sounds good, right?

Well, prepare yourselves for Shipmates!

The new series sees two teams of friends competing in a popularity contest on Anchored Cruise, a luxury cruise ship for party-goers.

But just when does this new series start?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Shipmates’ air date, who will be on it and more!

Shipmates Ep1

When will Shipmates hit our TV screens?

We can expect Shipmates to start on Channel 4 on Friday, July 5th!

The series will air each week at 11.05 pm, with five episodes in total and each an hour long.

As the broadcast takes us well into the Friday night evening and very early hours of Saturday morning, we reckon there will be some pretty explicit content from the party goers… even Geordie Shore is on at an earlier hour!

What can we expect in each episode?

Each episode sees the two teams pitted against each other in an attempt to win favour with the other party goers on board.

What we can expect to see is a range of challenges and tasks – in many ways similar to Love Island – that you’d find aboard a booze cruise, while we also follow the cast’s journey on the ship through partying, love and a whole ship-load of drama!

But there’s more…

‘Secret stowaways’ also are on board, who the team members thought they had left at home. From parents to exes, these stowaways are there to stir up some trouble for the partygoing contestants.

Who will be on the show?

There are two teams featured in the show.

Team one includes Sean, Lewis, Maddi, Ashley and Charlotte. The second team is made up of Jordan, Jay, Georgia, Lauren and Ed.

More will be revealed about the contestants on the show as it is broadcast, including those sneaky stowaways who manage to end up on board!



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