Channel 4 seem to keep pushing the boundaries when it comes to what you can and can’t show on Freeview TV.

F*ck the 9 pm watershed, if C4 wants to broadcast about pornography and sex tapes then that is what they will do!

Following on from their Mums Make Porn series that aired earlier this month (April), the next X-rated adventure is four-part series Sex Tape.

SEX TAPE on Chanel 4, Brian and Victoria
SEX TAPE on Chanel 4, Brian and Victoria

What is Sex Tape about?

Brand new Channel 4 series Sex Tape will take behind-the-scenes footage to a whole new level.

The series will follow three couples who are experiencing relationship trouble by filming their day-to-day lives via rigged cameras in every part of their home.

And by every part, we mean every part.

Channel 4 Factual Entertainment commissioning editor Becky Cadman said:

Sex Tape promises a unique fly on the wall look at relationships as they really happen including the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s an innovative new format that will hopefully help people recapture the romance in their relationship.

Screenshot: Four Play from Mums Make Porn
Screenshot: Four Play from Mums Make Porn on Channel 4

So why is it called Sex Tape?

The show – based on an Israeli format – will essentially create a ‘sex tape’ snapshot of the couples’ lives.

Capturing everything from unfiltered arguments and rows to tender make-up moments in the bedroom, everything is on show in this C4 series.

Sex is a key theme of the series as each of the three couples will meet up with a sex therapist to discuss the footage captured on camera.

STV Productions Head of Entertainment Gary Chippington said:

We’re really excited to have been commissioned by Channel 4 to make such a ground-breaking series. Sex Tape promises to be perceptive, revealing and surprising social experiment offering a fascinating insight into intimacy.

Mums: Sarah, Sarah-Louise, Emma and Anita
Mums Make Porn on Channel 4: Sarah, Sarah-Louise, Emma and Anita

How to watch Sex Tape on Channel 4

The brand new series will launch on Friday, April 26th.

It will air at 10 pm on C4.

After which, the four-part series will continue to air every Friday night in the same timeslot.

You can also catch up with episodes via the official Channel 4 media player, ALL4, with each episode uploaded shortly after going to broadcast.


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