Channel 5 have launched a brand new four-part documentary.

Bad Girls Behind Bars focuses on the life of inmates at Massachusetts Regional Women’s Correctional Centre and highlights the complications behind imprisonment in an all-women centre.

Here is everything we know about the jail, narrator and cast.

Bad Girls Behind Bars - Episode 1

Cori on phone

Bad Girls Behind Bars: How Many Episodes?

Bad Girls Behind Bars has a collection of four episodes in total.

The series will air every Thursday night on Channel 5, at 10 pm (currently on repeat).

Each episode in the documentary focuses on the life of a different inmate, with episode 1 concentrating on gang leader Baby D and episode 2 moving on to transgender Franklin.

You can catch up with any missed episodes online via the official Channel 5 media player, MY5.

Bad Girls Behind Bars: Cast

Baby D is the women whose name you will hear the most, as she is one of the most powerful inmates in the centre due to her background and past.

Vanessa also largely features in the documentary as she tells the harrowing tale of giving birth to a baby addicted to heroin.

A heroin addict herself, 26-year-old Vanessa is eight-months pregnant on the documentary and is desperate for drug rehabilitation having failed to kick her addiction.

Vanessa looking at bump in cell

Vanessa looking at her bump in cell

Vanessa’s soon-to-be-born child will be born addicted to the drug and will require special attention and medication to survive. She also has two previous children, one that has been adopted and the other in foster care.

Speaking on Bad Girls Behind Bars, a prison staff member explains the complications of giving birth when the carrying mother is a heroin user:

It’s flu-like symptoms and they have a lot of vomiting and diarrhoea (the new-born baby). So they constantly need more clothing. It’s not a pleasant sight to see. The baby can be shaking, and crying all the time. There are so many different medical issues that come about when a baby is detoxing. It is really sad.

In episode 2, we meet transgender inmate Franklin, who must keep her relationship with a fellow inmate a secret in order to escape solitary confinement.

Kim touching Vanessa bumpKim touching Vanessa bump

Kim touching Vanessa bump

Episodes 3-5 also feature Missy, who is regularly visited by a sugar daddy to fund her drug habits. She faces trial for kidnapping and home invasion and has three young children on the outside.

Finally, there is Julia, who was charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend. She proclaims her innocence and struggles to adjust to life inside prison.

Bad Girls Behind Bars: Location

The C5 series is set at Massachusetts Regional Women’s Correctional Centre, in Chicopee Mass.

The centre is part of the wider Hampden County Correctional Centre and opened in 2007 with around 150 all-women inmates.

Bad Girls Behind Bars: Narrator

The series is narrated by actress Kathy Burke.

Kathy is famous for her role as Perry in both the Kevin and Perry series and movie, featuring Harry Enfield.

You’ll also recognise her from French and Saunders and comedy panel shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats.


LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 02: Kathy Burke attends The Sky Women In Film & Television Awards 2011 at The Park Lane Hilton on December 2, 2011 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)



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