Dating Around director talks 'scripting' and reveals all about the catch-up episode in an exclusive interview

Dating Around director talks 'scripting' and reveals all about the catch-up episode in an exclusive interview

With the huge success of Netflix series Dating Around comes the inevitable question; is the show scripted?

While all modern reality TV series from Made in Chelsea to Keeping Up with the Kardashians thrive off clever script work, that doesn’t necessarily mean the same for Dating Around.

Reality Titbit’s exclusive interview with the Dating Around director James Adolphus get to the bottom of all your burning questions.

still from Dating Around Episode One trailer, Netflix, 2019

Was Dating Around scripted? How important was it to preserve reality?

“No, not at all.

We didn’t want, for any reason, for the cast to look to us for direction. The moment they do, they become actors instead of human beings.

It was made perfectly clear that Dating Around was going to be a very different kind of reality TV show.

I wanted to create an atmosphere that resembled the quiet and respectful nature of set-etiquette and the ethics of social and political documentary films.

We would never call cut or run on to set and interrupt a date when it got awkward… once the dates were in process, no-one was allowed on set, for any reason.”

What was your favourite moment of the series?

“The interaction between Gurki and Justin.

It was a humbling experience to watch Gurki manage her time with Justin, and her handling of the situation really struck a chord with the crew… her strength, elegance.

We did our best to let her know that she was safe, respected and cared for, because by this point in the filming, the crew was falling for Gurki.

She has an indelible spirit and we were lucky to have her on set.”

We found Dating Around star Gurki on Instagram and discovered this…

Did you strike up any friendships with the cast?

“I absolutely loved working with Leonard and Luke.

Leonard is such a special man, he makes it hard to forget that the world isn’t filled with souls like his.

The best part of the Dating Around experience was the unexpected and very dear friendship I now have with Gurki – Great would be an understatement!”

There are whispers of a catch-up episode. When and what can we expect from it?

“There will be a follow up with the cast – it’s actually already been filmed – but don’t expect it in the form of another episode.

The follow-up will be entirely social media based.”

still from Dating Around Episode 1 trailer, Netflix, 2019

What about a Dating Around season 2?

“There are a number of possibilities for the future of Dating Around. I think it would be terrific if the show gets picked up for another season.

I think we can push the storytelling even further, push the boundaries of the genre further and perhaps help to steer the genre of reality television in a more respectful and intellectually satisfying direction. We’ll see.”



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