Cher Hubsher is no stranger to the reality TV world, she appeared on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 and now she’s one of the main cast members on TLC’s sMothered.

sMothered focuses on four mother-daughter-duos like no other. The women and their grown-up children have unbreakable bonds and they’re all joined at the hip. Cher and her mother, Dawn, are often mistaken for sisters and there are 30 years between them.

Cher and Dawn have appeared on sMothered since 2019. Her husband, Jared Gopman, also stars in the show and together they welcomed their first child into the world on-screen!

cher smothered baby
Screenshot: Cher and Jared Gopman sMothered – TLC

sMothered: Meet Cher and Jared’s baby

Cher and Jared welcomed their first child, Belle May Gopman, into the world on July 6th, 2019.

She weighed 6 lbs 10 oz and Cher wrote on Instagram that she was in labour for 15 hours!

Cher had her daughter at 30 years old – the same as her mom, Dawn, who had her at 30.

How will Cher raise her baby?

Cher and Dawn obviously have a very special relationship, so viewers may wonder if Cher aims to have a similar relationship with her daughter, Belle.

The mother-daughter-duo is keen on helping other people have a relationship like theirs to the point that they wrote a book in 2019 called “A Bond That Lasts Forever: A Mother Daughter Guide To A Happy Healthy Relationship“.

Interviewed on the Tamron Hall Show in 2020, Cher and Jared were asked if they’re in charge of Belle’s future or if Dawn has a say in how she’s raised.

Jared replied: “Just us two, I think there’s a third voice sometimes but the reality is we’re the parents here, let’s not forget who’s really the parents.

Dawn added: “I’m older and wiser, I’ve been there and I’ve raised three very successful children so he needs to remember that“.

First Look: sMothered Returns May 31!

First Look: sMothered Returns May 31!

Twitter reacts to Cher having a baby

Cher and her mother are often seen wearing co-ordinating or matching outfits. And, by the looks of things, from the word ‘go’, Cher wanted to be matching with her daughter, too.

She’s managed to maintain her pristine appearance throughout her pregnancy and birth of her daughter which has had many viewers of the show shocked. One person Tweeted: “Postpartum I looked homeless with puke on my shirt & the same bun for like a week. Cher looks perfect like she didn’t even have a baby.”

Others thought it was hilarious that baby Belle looks a lot more like her dad, Jared, than her mother and grandmother: “I know this is evil but i loooooooooove that Cher’s baby totally looks like Jared. That must drive Mimi crahzeeee“.

Some viewers were also shocked at how great Cher’s body looked following her pregnancy and birth: “Seriously what kind of genes does Cher have because she doesn’t even look like she ever had a baby! Jealous!“.



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