Chloe Ayling had Celebrity Big Brother fans in hysterics during day 10 on the Channel 5 series (Sunday 26th August).

The 21-year-old model had porridge drooling out of her mouth as she looked extremely confused by the hot white substance.

Not only did Chloe admit that she had “never eaten porridge before” but she also proved that he has no idea how to digest it.

Here’s a glamour modelling hilariously failing to eat porridge… what more could you ask for!

“Chloe is Having a New Experience”

It was 1.21 pm in the Celebrity Big Brother house when Goldilocks was tucking into her warm bowl of porridge.

As the Celebrity Big Brother voiceover guru said, however, eating porridge was a “new experience” for Chloe.

This soon became evident, as Chloe failed to keep the popular breakfast cereal in her mouth.

Literally, porridge was spewing out from the side of her lip fillers.

Daddy Jermaine Clears it Up

As if Chloe was his messy kid, fellow housemate Jermaine Pennant was forced to wipe the drooling porridge from Chloe’s mouth.

He whipped his finger across her top lip and scooped up the falling porridge, adding “there you go”.

The scene begged many questions, like; why has Chloe never eaten porridge before? Does she understand the concept of swallowing? How does she eat other foods?

Chloe Ayling, Celebrity Big Brother

Chloe Ayling, Celebrity Big Brother

Sally to the Rescue

It wasn’t just Jermaine who played his part in saving Chloe from almost choking on her gargling mouthful of porridge.

Sally Morgan pointed out the dripping porridge before later confessing to the diary room that she doesn’t understand how Chloe functions as an adult.

Sally said: Chloe, she’s another one that my hackles go up. I mean she’s lovely, don’t get me wrong she is lovely, but she has never had to take on responsibility.

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 - Sally Morgan

Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2018 – Sally Morgan

I wish for just a few hours her head could be on my head, because she sort of walks around (doing an floaty impression) – someone needs a day with her to take her through everything… but even then she doesn’t take it in, you’d expect that from a 15 or 16-year-old.”