Love Island: Chloe Burrows' degree explored - Did Toby go to university, too?

Love Island: Chloe Burrows' degree explored - Did Toby go to university, too?

Chloe Burrows and Toby Aromolaran have become one of Love Island 2021’s most-loved couples. The twosome has had some ups and downs over series 7 but now it seems that they’re stronger than ever before.

During series 7 episode 47, the Islanders had to guess where the public had ranked them in a series of categories. Chloe said that she thought she and Toby were in the running for being one of the show’s ‘most intelligent’ couples. So, here’s a look at what Chloe and Toby’s degrees are, where they went to university and what they do for work.

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Does Chloe Burrows have a degree?

Yes! Chloe attended the University of Liverpool and graduated with a first-class honours degree in Marketing!

The Love Islander actually graduated back in 2018.

Chloe took to Instagram in July 2018 to celebrate her success and captioned the post: “This is my graduation picture cos the outfit was so ugly. FIRST CLASS degree in Marketing“.

Going into the villa, Chloe worked as a Financial Services Marketing Executive. Now she can add ‘reality TV sensation’ to her CV, too.

Did Toby go to university?

Although Toby is a semi-professional football player, Chloe revealed during Love Island series 7 that he has a degree.

This means that he must’ve gone to university. By the looks of things, he used to play football for Loughborough University, so we can assume that this is where he got his degree from.

As per iNews, Toby “works as a PE teacher when he’s not starring on the football pitch“, so it’s most likely that he has a degree in teaching and/or sports.

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Chloe thinks she and Toby are one of the ‘most intelligent’ couples

During a Love Island challenge on August 13th, the couples had to rank themselves in order of ‘most genuine’, ‘hottest couple’ and much more. 

When the Islanders had to rank who was the ‘most intelligent’ couple, Chloe perked up straight away and said of her and Toby: “We’ve got to be up there, we’ve got degrees“.

Chloe added: “We’re number one… I think we’re really smart but I don’t think we articulate our smartness.

However, the rest of the islanders didn’t put Chloe and Toby into the ‘top three’!

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