New ITV2 series You Vs Chris and Kem got off to a messy start as Chris and Kem indulged in a spot of gravy wrestling.

The Love Island series three stars have joined forces for their second spin-off series, touring the U.K to take on weird and wonderful challenges.

Episode one was all about boots and Bisto, as the duo headed to a farm to wrestle in gravy.


Fulfilling WWE Ambitions

The pair bigged-up the fact that they had been watching WWE wrestling for years, although they did manage to sound like a pair of 12-year-olds as they started to list all of their favourite wrestling characters.

Did you have a midnight feast and binge on a load of Dairylea Dunkers at the same time, lads?


The CK Sledgehammer

Chris and Kem created their own wrestling nicknames with Kem Cetinay officially known as Kembo Slice (after street fighter Kimbo Slice) and Chris Hughes… well, Chris is now The Milky Bar Kid.

With new outfits, consisting of metallic capes and the budgiest of all budgie smugglers, the duo headed to the ring for their first challenge.

Oh yeah, they’d also developed a special move called the CK Sledgehammer – more on that later!



Fighting Zeus

The boys rocked up to a farm – where Chris literally had to be pulled away from petting the cows – and met a huge man called Joe.

Or, as Chris and Kem called him, Zeus.


Chris and Kem were told that challenge one of You Vs Chris and Kem was to fight the four-time World Gravy Wrestling Champion, Zeus.

The best of three rounds would take the sticky crown, as the Love Island boys took turns grabbing and grappling Zeus in a massive pool of gravy.

To be fair, the boys took to it like thick brown soupy water!





Chris looked equally as wimpish as Kem did against the giant Zeus as both boys lost their matches.

However, it was Chris who came away with the worst injury.

You know, that classic wrestling injury of a flick to the ball sack.



The pair did beat this Zeus guy in a final ‘winner takes all’ two-on-one round, though – all thanks to a body-rocking CK Sledgehammer!

Although the victory gave them a 1-0 lead in the You Vs Chris and Kem series, the boys ended episode one trailing by a score of 3-2.

Roll on next week’s episode!


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