Chris and Kem WAX a rugby player's bum - this actually happened!

Fans of Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay didn’t really know what to expect when their own spinoff series was announced.

ITV2 launched the first episode of You Vs Chris and Kem last night (Monday 16th July) and, boy, did it deliver!

Chris and Kem took part in a gravy wrestling competition, went camel riding, and finished up the show by waxing butt-naked rugby players.

Yeah. You Vs Chris and Kem went pretty b*lls deep.

Gravy Wrestling

The first part of the new ITV2 series had Chris and Kem grappling in a pool of Bisto against four-time World Gravy Wrestling Champion, Joe.

They lost their individual bouts but made amends in a two-on-one fight, where Chris laid the final smackdown on his condiment covered foe with a fierce ‘CK Sledgehammer’.


Camel Riding

From here, the Love Island series three buddies competed in a classic camel race.

Chris Hughes pulled out his farm party tricks and eased his ride to pole position, while Kem looked incredibly awkward as he was pulled along by his two-humped beast.

The boys also took part in a doughnut eating competition and watersports event. However, it was the waxing challenge that had everyone talking.

Talking and hiding behind their sofas, that is!

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Wax on, Wax Off

Chris and Kem were told to head towards a rugby pitch where they would meet Sam.

At first, they were terrified at the prospect of being forced into a rugby game, with Kem confessing; “I’m seeing a lot of broad shoulders and I do not like it.”

Kem continued: Mate they are full grown! That geezer’s built like a lorry!”

Fortunately for little Chris and Kem, they were actually signed up to a totally different challenge.

Meeting the ‘real’ Sam inside, it quickly dawned upon the boys that they were tasked with giving one of the rugby players a full back, sack and crack wax!

B*lls Deep

The man laid down, totally butt naked, with Chris and Kem competing against Sam and her friend to see who could wax the fastest.

Kem didn’t know where to look… neither do we.

For those who remember the time that Chris and Kem shaved their initials into each other’s pubic regions on Love Island series three, this was a whole new level of gruesome.

With sticky wax in hand and plastic gloves at the ready, the boys wasted no time in ‘getting involved’.

However, when it came to the, err, difficult to reach areas, things got awkward.

Chris applied the wax.

Kem did the pulling.

Everyone else looked away.

Kem said: Wait, wait, wait – I’m going to have to put my hair up.”

Despite their best efforts, Chris and Kem lost the wax challenge.

By the end of You Vs Chris and Kem episode one, the boys trailed 3-2, although the scores will be carried into the next episode.

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