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Chris & Olivia: Crackin' On Episode One - EVIDENCE of reality TV's dark side

Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood have gained unbelievable celebrity status since leaving ITV2 series Love Island, although their new-found stardom looks to have caused more problems than good.

The pair, who met and dated on Love Island nine months ago, had their first episode in a new spinoff series broadcast on ITVbe on Wednesday night (March 7, 2018).

Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On follows the lives of the loved-up duo as they take on real life as a couple for the first time.

However, with news coming that the lovers had broken up just weeks before the series was set to air, audiences have been eager to find out just what the cameras captured.

Social Media Issues

The show started with an explanation that between Chris and Olivia they had seen their social media accounts grow by over three million.

Chris now has 1.8 million followers on Instagram while Olivia has a rapidly increasing 1.5 million.

While the numbers have helped in sales and promotions, with social media an essential part of Olivia’s brand ambassador profession, the couple were caught constantly bickering and fighting about what they do and who they talk to on social media.

It is not a competition, guys . . . but if it was, Chris would be winning.

Enterprise Benefits

Both Chris and Olivia have embarked on separate journeys into stardom, with Olivia making the most of her fame through modelling deals and Chris trying his hand in the music industry, where his single ‘Little Bit Leave It’ broke the U.K top 20.

Chris even boasted the top selling calendar of 2017, as we found out in Crackin’ On.

Screen Shot: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Chris said: “Who’d of thought a year ago, when I was sat in the office or on the farm, that I’d be signing calendars for a lot of fans.”

Screen Shot: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Who said fame is all doom and gloom . . .

Relationship Pressure

Despite the new-found money and fame, the watchful eye of the press has seemingly caused nothing but problems in Chris’ and Liv’s relationship.

During episode one of Crackin’ On, Olivia admitted that their relationship was “always on and off”, as the show opened with headlines from the press, including stories involving Chris and Katie Price and a “mystery woman kiss”.

 Olivia admitted: “We are at the make or break point for the 68th time since we met.”

Break Up Material

The 45-minute footage from Crackin’ On seemed to capture more lows than highs, with the content more along the lines of break-up material than marriage material.

Towards the end of the show, a foul-tempered row broke out after Liv had gone out to a house party and never returned.

Screen Shot: Crackin’ On, ITVbe

But, the argument soon spiralled out of control and steamrolled towards a previous incident where Chris was filmed putting his hands around a girl in a nightclub.

Chris said of the incident: “I was absolutely hammered that night and yeah I’ve put my arms around a girl and someones gone in there and videod me it, but they’ve (the press) gone and made that story into something even bigger.”

Liv ended the episode admitting that the incident had made her feel like “the boy she was besotted by” had gone and “cheated on her”.

One episode of the Crackin’ On series and it already looks like a long recording of the couple’s demise.

Chris and Olivia fans, look away now.

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