Christine Quinn is often regarded as the resident ‘villain’ on Selling Sunset and it appears to be a role she’s quite happy to play. In true Christine style, she took to Twitter to share that season 5 of the show was starting – but she added that the Netflix series had ‘fake storylines’.

When Selling Sunset first dropped on Netflix back in 2019, Christine Quinn was arguably the ‘Regina George’ of the Oppenheim Group but she left the office for some time to have a baby and returned in season 4. Now, Christine is back and she’s not meshing so well with the ladies, but for all viewers know, it could just be a fake storyline after her Twitter post. So, let’s find out more!

Selling Sunset | Season 5 Official Trailer

Selling Sunset | Season 5 Official Trailer

Christine Quinn’s Twitter post explored

April 22nd is the date all Selling Sunset fans have been waiting for as season 5 dropped on Netflix at 8 AM GMT.

Selling Sunset cast member, Christine Quinn, took to Twitter to announce the show would be airing on the 22nd: “30 minutes till the launch of Selling Sunset enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake storylines!“.

Many Selling Sunset fans took to Twitter to comment on Christine’s post with one suggesting that Mary’s managerial role storyline was “fake“.

One of Christine’s fans wrote on her post: “You’re the only reason I watch it, well you and your outfits“.

Christine’s fans say she is the storyline

Selling Sunset viewers all have their own favourites when it comes to the cast and it appears that Christine has a huge fanbase from the show.

After her fake storylines tweet, many of her followers commented on the post to say that she is the main storyline of the show and that they mainly watch Selling Sunset for Christine.

One fan tweeted: “I can’t wait for all the drama that you’re apparently causing just by existing!“.

Another said: “…I know your back hurts from carrying the series, but thank you“.

How fake is Selling Sunset?

Christine may be exposing some Selling Sunset secrets in her tweet but it’s safe to say that most people know that any reality TV show storylines should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Selling Sunset has been described by Netflix as a “docusoap” as per Time.

Lots of Selling Sunset viewers took to Twitter supporting Christine but lots tweeted in opposition of the reality star, too. One tweeted: “I know narcissists run the world and reality tv is fake. But how people can look up to Christine and idolize her, I will never understand“.

Another tweeted: “So you mean to tell me Chelsea hasn’t seen season 1-4 of Christine being fake and rude to the girls?“.

Other fans were hoping that fake storylines weren’t going. tobe a part of season 5, so it looks like they may be disappointed in 2022: “I’m so glad Selling Sunset is back but I hope the new season is more like seasons 1-3. We want fabulous homes and millionaire clients not manufactured drama and fake storylines“.

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