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Christmas films on now TV 2019 - every movie with ratings and trailers!

Christmas films are an essential part of the festive period.

If you’re not sat around scoffing handfuls of Roses chocolates and watching Christmas movies then it’s probably not Christmas at all.

Despite this, the Freeview TV schedule often offers little in the way of new and modern films – oh look, they’re replaying The Snowman again.

Fortunately, there are plenty of films on Now TV to get you in the festive spirit. Here’s a look at every Christmas film Now TV for 2019!

  • CHRISTMAS TV: The Undateables Christmas special 2019 is confirmed – potential cast and start date!

This Christmas (4 stars)

“The Whitfields are about to celebrate their first family Christmas together for four years. And they’re going to do it in the traditional style: with put-downs, punch-ups and a sprinkling of jaw-to-the-floor surprises. Ft Idris Elba and Chris Brown.”

It’s A Wonderful Life (5 stars)

“Frank Capra’s classic Christmas fantasy stars James Stewart as a smalltown good guy who contemplates ending it all until his guardian angel shows him how the town would fare without him. With heartless money-lender Lionel Barrymore making life difficult for everyone and misfortune occurring at every turn, all does seem a little bit lost. But that’s when the magic kicks in…”

Scrooged (4 stars)

“Groundhog Day meets Christmas Day as Bill Murray’s heartless TV boss is taught the error of his ways by three different Yuletide ghosts. A knockabout contemporary update of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.”

Rich in Bollywood | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Bad Santa (4 stars)

“Billy Bob Thornton has a blast as the foul-mouthed safecracker who dresses up as a department store Santa, then robs the joint. Wickedly funny comedy.”

The Star (3 stars)

“A donkey goes in search of excitement in this charming animated comedy about the story of the first Christmas. A modern 2017 flick featuring Kelly Clarkson and Oprah Winfrey.”

Jingle All The Way (3 stars)

Who doesn’t like a Christmas film with Arnie?

“Desperate dad Arnold Schwarzenegger promises his son a super toy for Christmas, only to find that every store is sold out.”

The Polar Express (5 stars)

“As the gruff conductor on the Polar Express, the digitally rendered Tom Hanks welcomes aboard a young boy who has ceased to believe in Father Christmas… but is willing to come along for the ride.”

Fred Claus (3 stars)

“Santa Claus’s overlooked and resentful elder brother Fred struggles to make ends meet as an unscrupulous repo man. One year, desperate for cash, he agrees to work in his brother’s toy workshop only to discover Christmas is a time for giving.”

“After holidays from hell – home and abroad – the Griswold clan opt to stay put for the festive season. Naturally, disaster-prone dad Clark is determined to make it a Christmas to remember. And so it is… for all the wrong reasons.”

Surviving Christmas (2 stars)

“There’s Christmas chaos when lonely millionaire Ben Affleck hires a family to spend the holidays with. Comedy – kind of.”

Miracle on 34th Street (4 stars)

Now TV features the 1947, 1973 and 1994 versions, with the latest remake featuring Richard Attenborough and the young girl who plays Matilda.

Die Hard (5 stars)

“Christmas is a time for taking when sneering Euro villain Alan Rickman is pitted against Bruce Willis’s New York cop John McClane in a Los Angeles skyscraper.”

All I Want for Christmas (3 stars)

“With Christmas coming, two New York kids – seven-year-old Hallie and older brother Ethan – hatch a plan to bring together their divorced parents. It’s a Christmas version of Parent Trap!

Sleepless in Seattle (4 stars)

“Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan give everyone the warm-and-fuzzies in this inescapably romantic comedy from the writer of When Harry Met Sally…”

A Christmas Carol (3 stars)

“Jim Carrey voices Ebenezer Scrooge in this animated adaption of Charles Dickens’ classic tale.”

Snow Day (2 stars)

“Family comedy with Chevy Chase as a TV weatherman whose kids’ school is closed by a freak snowstorm. Naturally, the pupils want to keep it that way and do everything in their power to make conditions difficult for snarling snowplough driver Chris Elliott.”

The Muppets Christmas Carol (5 stars)

“Michael Caine guests as Ebenezer Scrooge in this Muppet version of the classic tale of an old miser’s redemption on Christmas Eve. Despite being “just a kids’ film” there’s heart, soul and joy in this yarn that uses the familiar characters – the Great Gonzo, Kermit, Miss Piggy – in traditional roles such as Charles Dickens, Bob and Emily Cratchit.”

Batman Returns (4 stars)

“Twas Christmas in Gotham City and not a mouse stirred… but there was an almighty kerfuffle between a bat, a cat and a Penguin…”

Frozen Fever (3 stars)

“Animated short featuring the characters from Disney’s Oscar-winning Frozen. It can’t match the original but still worth a watch.”

Snowball Express (2 stars)

“New York dad Dean Jones packs up his family and heads to the Rockies to try to turn a decaying mansion into the best ski lodge in town.”

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (2 stars)

“Seasonal comedy starring a young Jessica Biel. Chaos reigns when a teenager’s dad promises him a Porsche if he can make it home in time for Christmas.”

Home Alone 4 (1 star)

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