Sky is the go-to hub when it comes to Christmas films.

While the likes of Now TV and Netflix have a good selection of Christmas flicks, it doesn’t really compare to the overwhelming roster on Sky Cinema.

For starters, Sky has its own channel dedicated to Christmas movies online!

To help you decide which films you’re going to watch over the festive period we’ve listed every Christmas movie on Sky, with a handy ratings guide and trailers!

From best to worst, get watching!

Sky Cinema Christmas Collection

These films are exclusive to the Sky Cinema Christmas Collection (channel 303), which airs Christmas movies 24 hours a day!

You can watch them as they broadcasted or record them. Some are hardcore Christmas films and others are simply set around the holidays.

The list will be updated as soon as any new films are added:

Die Hard – (5 stars)

“Christmas is a time for taking when sneering Euro villain Alan Rickman is pitted against Bruce Willis’s New York cop John McClane in a Los Angeles skyscraper.”

Frozen (5 stars)

“Winning warm-hearted animated comedy from Disney, in a new twist on the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Snow Queen.”

It’s a Wonderful Life (5 stars)

“Frank Capra’s ultimate winter warmer stars James Stewart as a depressed good guy who discovers that his small town just wouldn’t be the same without him.”

The Nightmare Before Christmas (4 stars)

“When bored Pumpkin King Jack Skellington stumbles into Christmastown, he’s so taken with the idea that he wants to recreate Yuletide back home.”

White Christmas (4 stars)

“Song-and-dance buddies Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye need all the festive spirit they can get when they take on a failing ski resort. Classic feelgood fare.”

Bad Santa (4 stars)

“Billy Bob Thornton puts the grot into grotto as a lowlife crook who takes a job as a shop Santa in order to rob the place. A foul-mouthed treat for grown-ups.”

The Muppet Christmas Carol (4 stars)

“Michael Caine plays a mean Scrooge but mainly a stooge to his Muppet co-stars in this joyously silly take on Dickens’ evergreen tale.”

Scrooged (4 stars)

“Bill Murray is perfect as the mean-spirited TV boss who gets an eye-watering lesson from three ghosts. Big laughs in this sharp update of A Christmas Carol.”

The Polar Express (4 stars)

“A digital Tom Hanks plays the conductor who takes a sceptical boy on a Christmas journey he’ll never forget in this groundbreaking animated favourite.”

Sleepless in Seattle (4 stars)

“Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan give everyone the warm-and-fuzzies in this inescapably romantic comedy from the writer of When Harry Met Sally…”

This Christmas (4 stars)

“A dysfunctional family celebrate their first Christmas for years in traditional style: with put-downs, punch-ups and jaw-dropping surprises. Idris Elba stars.”

Batman Returns (4 stars)

“Twas Christmas in Gotham City and not a mouse stirred… but there was an almighty kerfuffle between a bat, a cat and a Penguin…”

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (4 stars)

“After holidays from hell – home and abroad – the Griswolds – led by disaster-prone dad Clark (Chevy Chase) – opt to stay put for the festive season.”

Almost Christmas (3 stars)

“Danny Glover oversees a feisty festive family reunion in a Yuletide cracker with a sackful of attitude. With Gabrielle Union and Omar Epps.”

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (3 stars)

“Young Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is left to his own devices once again as his distracted parents leave him stranded in the Big Apple at Christmas.”

Trading Places (3 stars)

“With Christmas approaching, street crook Eddie Murphy finds himself swapping lifestyles with posh banker Dan Aykroyd in this all-time comedy classic.”

Fred Claus (3 stars)

“There’s chaos at the North Pole when Santa’s grinchy brother (Vince Vaughn) gets his big foot in the family business. Talk about an elf scare!”

Snow Day (2 stars)

“Nippy comedy with Chevy Chase as a weatherman whose kids’ school is closed by a freak snowstorm. Naturally, the pupils want to keep the doors closed…”

The Santa Clause (2 stars)

“Divorced dad Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) has his little son Charlie (Eric Lloyd) back for Christmas Eve and tries to bolster the kid’s flagging belief in Santa.”

Prancer (2 stars)

“Sweet family fantasy about a young girl who believes she has found one of Santa’s reindeer. Sam Elliott and Cloris Leachman share the magic.”

Daddy’s Home 2 (3 stars)

“Warring dads Mark Wahlberg) and Will Ferrell) must embrace the season of goodwill when their own dads – Mel Gibson and John Lithgow – come to stay.”

Trapped in Paradise (2 stars)

“Nicolas Cage plots a bank raid with his dodgy brothers (Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz)… but the kindly townsfolk give them a change of heart. Feelgood fun.”

I’ll Be Home for Christmas (2 stars)

“Seasonal comedy starring a young Jessica Biel. Chaos reigns when a teenager’s dad promises him a Porsche if he can make it home in time for Christmas.”

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (2 stars)

“Musical sequel to Disney’s animated love story. As Belle prepares the castle for Christmas, the evil Forte plans to set Beast against Beauty.”

Christmas with the Kranks (1 star)

“With the kids all grown up, couple Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis decide on a Christmas away from home. But they find it difficult to escape from festive tradition.”

The Swan Princess Christmas (1 star)

“In this festive instalment of the fairytale franchise, Princess Odette and her beau Derek face a Yuletide spoilsport – the evil wizard Rothbart.”

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