Teen Mom was the first spin-off show of MTV’s 16 & Pregnant. Following the lives of young mothers during some of the hardest times of their lives, Teen Mom has been running for over a decade. Teen Mom 2 returned for an eleventh season on March 8th, 2022.

As well as the women who are main cast members on the MTV series, their families and partners are often also heavily featured on the show. Jade Cline first appeared on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant and now she’s on Teen Mom 2. She and her family have endured a rollercoaster ride of emotions on the show, so let’s find out more about who Christy Smith from Teen Mom 2 is…

Teen Mom | Family Reunion Official Trailer

Teen Mom | Family Reunion Official Trailer

Christy Smith is Jade Cline’s mother

Jade Cline joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 in 2019. She and her boyfriend, Sean Austin, started out as friends, later got into a relationship and had a baby, Kloie Kenna Austin.

The family is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and as well as Jade, Sean and Kloie, Jade’s mother, Christy and step-father appear on the show.

Teen Mom 2 has documented Jade’s journey into motherhood which has seen her have difficulty with Sean and her mother, Christy, multiple times.

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Christy Smith on Teen Mom 2

Christy Smith appears on Teen Mom 2 alongside her 21-year-old daughter, Jade Cline.

Speaking of her parents in 2020, Jade said on Teen Mom 2: “I’m really hoping my mom will be able to help me when the baby gets here. But I’m not sure I can count on her because my parents have struggled with addiction in the past.”

Jade added: “My mom’s been in and out of jail and rehab many times growing up, so, it did affect me.

Christine and Jade have had a very tumultuous relationship over the years.

Christy is also based in Indianapolis and judging by 2022 episodes of Teen Mom 2, Jade is giving Christy another chance as she wants her daughter to have a relationship with her.

Kloie can be seen hanging out with her grandmother in season 11 of the show.

christy smith teen mom
Screenshot: Jade’s Mom Needs Her | Teen Mom 2 (Season 9)

Christy and Jade’s relationship in 2022 explored

After shooting the reunion episode for the show, Christy and Jade had a huge fallout but for every time they have a disagreement, the mother and daughter usually make up.

It looked like things were taking a turn for the worst for Christine in 2022 as she said on Teen Mom 2 season 11: “I’m beside myself. Me and dad got pulled over three years ago, he had weed in there.” Jade’s mother added that she was charged and is going to jail for 45 days.

However, taking to Instagram Stories in March 2022, Jade said of her mother: “My mom isn’t a bad person. Just a person going through a tough time and struggles with depression. Today she’s in such a good place. She’s working, she never went to jail.

Jade is now 24 years old and she is a salon owner, she writes on IG that she is a “hair artist“.

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