Club Rep Wars kick-started on Sunday, October 14th, marching onto the reality TV scene as the new party-hard series.

The E4 show follows the lives of holiday reps as they tour around Zante running pool parties, foam parties, Full Moon parties and any other type of party going.

Of the eight-strong reps, no-one has caused as much as a stir as Eliot Fisher.

Here’s everything we know about the laddish holiday rep…

CLUB REP WARS - Karys, Rob, Catissa, BJ, Eliot, Nicola, Harry.

CLUB REP WARS – Karys, Rob, Catissa, BJ, Eliot, Nicola, Harry.

Reppin’ That Life

It looks like Eliot was a rep from birth, with his Instagram account full of shorts and vests pictures across a host of popular 16-25 holiday hotspots.

Before filming on Club Rep Wars in Zante, Eliot was holiday reppin’ it in Ayia Napa and Ibiza.

And when he’s not abroad causing chaos, he’s at a U.K festival pouring vodka into his eye socket.

Nice one mate, 100 lad points…

Snapchat Goals

If you are yet to watch any of Club Rep Wars and are unfamiliar with the type of banter that floats around Zante then fear not.

A quick glance at Eliot’s Snapchat handle soon sums up his hilarious charm.

Meet @minge20

Not Twitter Goals

Eliot holds no barriers when it comes to his Twitter account.

In fact, he only has a handful of tweets because his account was recently blocked.

Apparently by a DJ, too. 1

75 lad points…

What Else Do We Know?

Eliot also has an older brother.

He has done a lot of travelling over his life and even donned some gnarly looking dreadlocks before starting his adventure as a holiday rep.

We can’t imagine the dreds would have gone down particularly well in ‘Beefa’…

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I had some bad ass dreads 😂

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