In an exclusive interview with Reality Titbit, Coach Trip 2019 star Andrew ‘Goffy’ Gough has revealed that he leaves the show with a girlfriend.

Considering he necked on with co-star Kat on day one, bedded another lovely lady in episode 3, and never gives up on his constant advances with Poppy… it doesn’t come as a surprise.

The Durham ladies’ man gets close and personal with four different women while he’s riding the coach to Barcelona, but who does he end up in a relationship with?

Coach Trip: Road To Barcelona: - Episode 1, contestants
Coach Trip: Road To Barcelona: – Episode 1, contestants

Who is Coach Trip’s Goffy?

The Coach Trip 2019 star goes by the real name of Andrew Gough.

He is 33 years old and works as a cars salesman in Durham.

Back in 2016, Goffy was caught up in a media backlash when pictures surfaced of him with Love Island series 2 star Sophie Gradon, who had a boyfriend at the time.

The then boyfriend, Tom Powell, used the pics to claim that Sophie had cheated him on.

Nice one, Goff…

The full-body tattooed Goffy can be found on Instagram under @1Goffy, where he dabbles in part-time modelling, MMA fighting and enjoys a pretty strong bromance with Road to Barcelona pal James.

You may also recognise Goffy from brief stints on other reality TV dating series such as MTV’s Single AF and Strip Date and TLC’s Undressed.

Who Does Goffy Get With on Coach Trip?

Well. Where do we start?

After hooking up with Coach Trip buddy Kat on the first night, Goffy also ended up staying the night with a different woman in episode 3.

Talk about awkward travel arrangements!

Goffy said: “Kat was never really my type, I just thought she was fit for a blonde. I had to tell her straight, which was a bit of awkward cus’ I think she liked me. It all got a bit messy in the end.”

Coach Trip: Road To Barcelona: - Episode 2
Coach Trip: Road To Barcelona: – Episode 2

But the drama doesn’t stop there!

Goffy explained that he always had his eye on co-star Poppy, calling her his “perfect women”.

Yet despite this, he still ended up getting with another girl on the coach, when someone he knew from home turned up towards the end of the series.

Goffy said:

Basically, I was trying to keep everything quiet from Poppy. I didn’t want her to know that I had got with these other girls. But it all comes to a crazy climax when the girls confront each other about me.

To make matters worse, a girl I knew from home turned up to be on the show. I got with her on the first night.

Who Does Goffy End Up in a Relationship With?

By the end of Goffy’s binge with a selection of girls, he ends up in a relationship with one.

While the 33-year-old couldn’t tell us an explicit name, he did say that their relationship was a “car crash” where it turned sour during a holiday together in Marbella. He also said that it wasn’t Poppy.

So, judging by the pictures of Goffy in Marbella, and knowing that it isn’t Poppy… it’s these two that end up in a relationship!


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