In 2020 Love Island fans should be over the moon as there’s not one but two series of the show in store.

The Winter series kicked off for the first time on Sunday, January 12th 2020.

Anyone looking to apply for the next series of Love Island best have their body tight, personal grooming down and faces flawless. The Twitter trolling is out of control in 2020. Some of the female contestants are being called male and others’ bodily hair being mocked.

Let’s take a look at what everyone’s saying about Connagh from Love Island’s armpit hair…

Screenshot: Connagh love island armpit Love Island 2020 – ITV

Love Island: Connagh’s armpits

The moment Love Island 2020 contestant Connagh strolled into the villa, women on the show and any watching the show were in awe of the Welsh model.

He’s certainly got the looks as well as a cool, casual demeanour. But it seems that viewers of the show are looking to find anything they can to pick apart this year’s Islanders.

Every molecule of Connagh’s being was pretty much there – so we thought – until everyone starting pointing out that a 27-year-old man indeed has hairy armpits!

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Armpits come under fire

If anyone thought that it was just women that had the pressure of having a head-to-toe body smoother than that of a baby dolphin, you’d be wrong!

Turns out that men in 2020 are required to rid themselves of any sign of nature, too.

Poor Connagh has been called “dull”, “meh” and “boring” on Twitter. And not only his personality has come under fire.

Many took to Twitter to slate Connaghs armpit hair. “Connagh is alright to look at but he’s very dull and his armpit hair is longer than the hair on my head what’s that about?”

Others said: “Connagh with a G’s armpit hair is very dark and bushy. I feel like it doesn’t fit with his aesthetic.”

Another wrote: “Connagh has a forest growing in his armpits. Such a turn-off.”

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