Cook Clever, Waste Less recipes: Cornflake-coated chicken burger to Asian salad

Cook Clever, Waste Less is a Channel 4 show that sees Prue Leith and Dr Rupy Aujla help people across the UK cut their food waste down. Saving money and the planet is Prue and Rupy’s game. So, let’s take a look at the recipes they’re creating in the series.

By rejigging the family dinner menu, thinking wisely about the weekly shop and bulk-cooking certain foods, the Cook Clever, Waste Less duo manage to help out many parents in need who have children who are often difficult to feed. The recipes in episode 3 feature a cornflake-coated chicken burger, an Asian salad, and a takeaway curry hack.

Screenshot: Cook Clever Waste Less recipes with Prue and Rupy – Channel 4

Cook Clever, Waste Less recipes: Cornflake-coated chicken burger

Prue Leith whips up a crispy chicken burger with rainbow fries during series 1 episode 3. This dish can also be made in bulk and used later in the week as curry for dinner or a soup for lunch. By creating the same Cook Clever, Waste Less dish, you could have three meals prepared for under £3.50 per person.

The ingredients required for the chicken dish include: Flour, eggs, cornflakes for a crunchy coating, chicken thighs, garlic granules, paprika and a pinch of cayenne pepper, burger buns, lettuce, tomatoes, sugar, white wine vinegar and olive oil.

For the accompanying rainbow fries, you’ll need potato, beetroot and parsnip – although any root vegetables can work!

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Crispy chicken burger: Method

Between two sheets of baking paper, flatten the chicken thighs with a rolling pin.

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It’s also important to crunch up the cornflakes before using them as they’ll be forming a coating on the chicken.

Dip the chicken into the flour, egg and then cornflakes. Then place on a baking tray.

Chop the root vegetables into chips and also place them in an oven dish.

Now, place the vegetables and chicken in the oven for 40 minutes at 190 degrees.

The chicken burgers can be cooked straight away or you can put them straight into the freezer and cook from frozen at a later date.

The tomato relish

To make the tomato relish, you can use fresh or frozen tomatoes. Prue opted for frozen tomatoes that she had put in the freezer just before they went too ripe. Combine the frozen tomatoes, olive oil, sugar and a splash of white wine vinegar in a saucepan and mash the mixture as it cooks.

Place lettuce on the burger bun and top with a chicken burger, lettuce, tomato relish and the top of the bun! And, voilà – that’s dinner, done.

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Screenshot: Cook Clever Waste Less recipes with Prue and Rupy – Channel 4



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