Cornwall: This Fishing Life's narrator is also a BBC producer and director!

The voice of the Cornwall: This Fishing Life narrator may be recognisable to viewers. As it turns out, the narrator of the show is also he’s also a producer and director of many BBC documentaries and TV series.

Cornwall: This Fishing Life launched on BBC Two in January 2020. Documenting the fishing industry in Cornwall and the effects of both Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic, the series gives viewers a glimpse at the highs and lows of being a fisherman in the 21st Century.

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Who is the Cornwall: This Fishing Life narrator?

The voiceover artist narrating Cornwall: This Fishing Life is Steve Robinson. Steve has narrated both series 1 and 2 of the BBC show.

According to IMDb, Steve has only narrated Cornwall: This Fishing Life. He’s also the producer of the BBC series.

With producing TV series as his main job, Steve has also brought viewers other programmes such as Critical: Inside Intensive Care, Japan with Sue Perkins, The Family Farm, The River Wye with Will Millard, The Ganges with Sue Perkins, World’s Greatest Food Markets and much more.

Steve is the man who produced series Arctic, Amazon and Going Tribal with Bruce Parry.

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Screenshot: The Ganges with Sue Perkins – BBC

What else do we know about the This Fishing Life narrator?

By the looks of things, Steve Robinson is the man behind a lot of the BBC documentaries we see on TV, however, he clearly prefers to remain behind the scenes.

It doesn’t seem as though the narrator, producer and director is active on social media.

He’s been producing and directing for TV since 1998 according to IMDb with his first documentary The Man Who Jumped to Earth.

Steve now runs his own production company

After working for the BBC for many years, he left in 2005 according to his website. Steve went on to set up a production company named Indus Films where he made series such as Expedition Alaska for The Discovery Channel and Everest ER for the BBC.

After 10 years at Indus Films, Steve went on to form another company, Folk Films, in 2016.

Steve’s specialism is factual TV and the executive producer has been bringing eye-opening documentaries to viewers’ screens for over 20 years.

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