All-new ITVBe series Absolutely Ascot is here!

Series 1 is onto episode 5 and has kicked off with couples drama, Ascot Ladies Day and surgery already!

One cast member well and truly caught up in the middle of all the drama is Courtney Smith.

Courtney Smith is Absolutely Ascot’s answer to Yazmin Oukhellou – glam, stylish and crazy about designer labels.

Here are seven things you need to know about Courtney Smith!

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Screen Shot: Courtney Smith Absolutely Ascot – ITVBe, series 1

Courtney Likes to Shop

This ‘girl’s girl’ is serious about shopping.

In episode 2, Courtney and best friend Amber were off shoe shopping in Kensington.

She said: “I know that dad loves providing for my shoe collection”.

And that’s not just a new pair of Uggs we’re talking about,  YSL, Louboutin and Chanel are Courtney’s go-to brands.

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Courtney’s Followers

The Essex girl has a massive 32.7k followers on Instagram (@courtney_smith1).

Courtney knows how to keep her huge following happy with photos of her lavish lifestyle, outfit posts and the results of her retail therapy – lots of designer goodies!

She also has 1,683 Twitter followers (@Courtney1Smith).

Courtney Is a Party Girl

Like most young women, Courtney loves to hit the town.

She often parties in Brentwood, Essex.

By the looks of Courtney’s Instagram, if she’s not getting dressed up to go out then she’s getting dressed up for a wedding, or any old excuse really.

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Courtney’s Into Fine Dining

This girl’s had more tomato sorbet than you could shake a stick at.

Move over Heston Blumenthal, Courtney Smith’s getting experimental with her dinners.

Courtney’s Insta stories are chock-a-block with posh restaurants, from The Fat Duck to Barton. G, she’s there.

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Courtney Is Strong Minded

The brunette beauty had a pretty public breakup with Henry Simmons on episode 1 of Absolutely Ascot.

She looks to be dealing with it pretty well, though.

Apart from insinuating that Henry’s new girlfriend, Leah Fletcher, was a cow and dissing her ‘fake’ Louis Vuitton sunglasses, that is.

Courtney Smith’s a Classy Gal

Not only does she take her fashion seriously, Courtney is serious about morals and manners.

She describes herself as “complicated, hard work and loveable”.

Hard work for her parents, maybe.

In episode 2 Courtney said on her shopping spree: “sometimes you need retail therapy and dad’s credit cards help that”.

“I’m not saying money is happiness, but it helps!”

How Old is Courtney Smith?

Courtney is 19 years old.

She celebrated her 19th birthday with a flapper-themed party on August 24th.

Her birthday party is set to air on Absolutely Ascot, let’s just hope it’s not as eventful as Angelbo Stanley’s was in episode 5!

As long as Courtney’s best friend, Amber Tucker Chandler, isn’t dragging her into more drama everything should be plain sailing.

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