Crackin’ On: Olivia Attwood’s HILARIOUS story on Chris taking out the bins

Brand new ITVbe series Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On wasted no time delving into the secret lives of the Love Island 2017 couple.

The runners-up from the hit dating reality TV series have been thrust into the limelight over the past nine months and are currently no longer dating.

However, their own spinoff series, which follows their daily ordeals such as throwing parties and moving houses, has already enlightened us with a heap of hilarious anecdotes from their behind the scenes antics.

Olivia Attwood has continued her whinging and moaning at Chris, albeit in a hilarious and playful manner.

Our favourite story from episode one of Crackin’ On came when Liv was explaining one of the many speed bumps they had faced when attempting to move their relationship forward in the real world.

Liv laughed at how “the honeymoon period was over” and that Chris needed to start pulling his weight a little more, including things like getting his “sh*tty pants off her floor”.

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Her tale of taking the bins out, however, was the pick of the bunch.

Screen Shot: LIV – Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Olivia said: “I’ll go to him, ‘can you take the bin out?'”

“But he’ll be like ‘it smells’ and ‘I don’t like where the shed is . . . it’s dark’.”

Not only was Olivia fuming that her man was afraid of slipping past the shadowy shed to take the bins out, but she wasn’t particularly happy at having to complete the chore herself.

Especially considering she is the royal princess of Surrey!

Liv continued: “I’ll go myself in the dark, in my f*cking Disney pyjamas – I’m like a kidnappers dream.”

“Honestly, they will look at me with my bag of sh*t and be like ‘I’m having her’.”

House Training

During the rest of the episode, we watched as Olivia attempted to train her pet monkey in everything from teaching him how to use a dishwasher to general house etiquette.

Liv wouldn’t let her lover dip his wet spoon into the sugar bag, telling him that moisture will turn the sugar bad and yadda yadda yadda.

At least Chris had a funny response after deciding to tip half the bag of Tate & Lyle into his cuppa.

Olivia said: “OMG you’re going to get diabetes” before Chris responded:

“No, I’m not, I love sugar too much.”

Furniture Shopping

The pair enjoyed a spot of furniture shopping where Chris became besotted by what Oliva described as a “tacky” silver feather ornament.

He also squeezed the showcase lemons and limes wondering if they were real . . .

Screen Shot: LOOK LIV – Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Screen Shot: “They’re PLASTIC babe” – Crackin’ On, ITVbe

Sour Ending

After successfully completing their move, there was a sour end to the programme as the couple endured a heated row. With Liv spending the night at a house party and not coming back until the following day, Chris went in with all guns blazing.

Naturally, the argument spiralled out of control and on to other things, where Chris ended up defending his actions in a nightclub, where he was caught placing his hands around another girl.

Of the incident, Chris said: “I was absolutely hammered that night and yeah I’ve and put my arms around a girl and someones gone in there and videoed me doing it, but they’ve (the press) made that story into something that is even bigger”

Liv finished the show explaining how she felt like the boy she was “absolutely besotted by” had gone and “cheated on her.”

Could the couple be on the verge of breaking up? Lol, jokes, they already have.

Catch the next episode on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, on ITVbe, at 10 pm.

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