Rae's racing car driver dad, Craig Williams, vets Jake on The Ultimatum
Screenshot: Craig Williams The Ultimatum - Netflix

Rae's racing car driver dad, Craig Williams, vets Jake on The Ultimatum

The Ultimatum is Netflix’s latest social experiment show which sees six couples on the brink of marriage decide whether they want to stay with their current partner, have a relationship with someone new or embark on life as a single person. The show comes from the creators of Love Is Blind and features the same hosts, Nick and Vanessa Lachey.

As part of the experience on The Ultimatum, the couples get to meet each other’s friends and family. Jake Cunningham got to meet Rae Williams’ father during the show and he was in for a slight grilling. So, let’s find out more about Craig Williams, his racing career and more explored…

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Official Trailer | Netflix

Rae introduces Jake to her dad

During The Ultimatum episode 4, Rae Williams introduces her trial husband, Jake Cunningham, to her dad.

The two meet Rae’s father at a race track and it’s not long before Rae’s dad starts vetting Jake.

It’s revealed that Rae’s dad ever really taken to any of her boyfriends and Jake had the pleasure of being taken for a ride in Rae’s dad’s racecar on the track. He said: “Rae told me before that the last guy her dad took around the track s*** himself… as long as I don’t s*** my pants today, I’m already ahead of the last guy“.

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Meet racing car driver Craig Williams

Despite being introduced as Craig on The Ultimatum, Rae Williams’ father can be found on LinkedIn under the name Joe Williams.

He’s based in California and has been racing car diving for over four decades. Rae’s dad has raced cars all over the world and lists Japan, Canada, Alaska and more locations on his LinkedIn page.

Craig also revealed on the Netflix show that he does more than racing, too: “I’m a vendor for the department of defense. I train people.

Craig Williams is now a racing instructor

When Jake and Rae sat down with Craig Williams on The Ultimatum and there was clearly no holding back when it came to asking Jake questions.

Craig’s opinion is super-important to Rae and he even went as far as to ask about how Jake deals with the toilet seat, whether Jake was better than Zay and how she rated Jake compared to her past boyfriends.

Nowadays, it looks like Craig is a racing instructor rather than continuing racing himself. LinkedIn shows that he’s been a racing instructor for the past 14 years.

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Screenshot: Craig Williams The Ultimatum – Netflix



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