When it comes to street racing, David Comstock, AKA Daddy Dave Goliath, is renowned for being a true champion. He’s beaten fellow Street Outlaws star Big Chief in the past, as well as a racer who had a 13-car-length head start.

Since the show first aired in 2013, Dave has been at the top of the leaderboard on Street Outlaws OKC. While the street racer has had huge success in his racing career, it hasn’t come without some risks to his health and back in 2015, Daddy Dave almost lost his life to his passion.

Get to know Street Outlaws’ Daddy Dave

Daddy Dave is one of the best-known racers on Discovery channel’s Street Outlaws alongside Big Chief, JJ da Boss, Murda Nova and co.

He has a Facebook page with a following of 1.6M, he also has over 44K followers on Twitter (@DaddyDave_okc) and 603K followers on Instagram @daddydaveandgoliath.

Dave has a wife named Cassi and he used to run Comstock Auto Service, in Edmond, Oklahoma, however, the shop is now permanently closed.

Dave’s 2015 crash explored

A sport as exhilarating as illegal street racing doesn’t come without its risks and back in 2015, Daddy Dave, had a near-fatal crash in his car, Goliath.

His car: “catapulted off the track and somersaulted at least six times“, as per ABC News.

Dave suffered a serious concussion, a bruised lung and many bumps and bruises from the crash.

Motor Trend reported that: “one of the nitrous bottles came free of its mount and shot out the side window of the car, propelled by a nearly full charge of the escaping gas. The bottle struck Dave in the head on its way out the window. His helmet most likely saved his life, and to this day, Dave has no memory of the crash. In fact, has no recollection of the few hours prior to the crash.

The crash occurred at a no-prep race at Amarillo Dragway in Texas.

In 2021, Dave also suffered another crash, this time into a wall, but he walked away without any injuries, thankfully.

How is Daddy Dave’s health in 2022?

Despite having some crashes in his racing career, Daddy Dave is still a legend in the street racing world.

In 2022, he appears on Street Outlaws shows and is still racing. He also has a YouTube channel Daddy Dave Racing, where he regularly uploads car-related videos. So, he appears to have made a full recovery from his crash in 2015.

He’s a cast member on Street Outlaws America’s List where street racers compete each week to rank in a list of the USA’s top 25 racers.

Goliath 2.0 is Daddy Dave’s car in 2022, he can be seen fixing up his 1963 Chevy Nova on his YouTube channel.



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