Dani and Jack eating Chinese on the floor: This is WHY they won!

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham proved just how down-to-earth they are in a hilarious Instagram story.

The Love Island 2018 winners claimed the series four crown with ease, boasting 79% of the final votes during the series finale.

Considered the only couple who were true and genuine throughout the 59 days in Majorca, Jack and Dani have gone on to show us that our judgement was in no way wrong.

Spotted on Instagram Stories eating Chinese from the floor, these four simple pictures show exactly why team Jani was always destined to win!

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep42 on ITV2
Pictured: Jack and Dani at the beach club.

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Jack and Dani Are Famous

As you may have expected, pens-salesman Jack and daughter of Danny Dyer, Dani, have found life outside of the villa a huge shock.

For starters, imagine going away for eight weeks, only to come home and realise that you have two million Instagram followers!

We’re not sure when the fame will actually catch up with genuine Jack, but he seems to be loving it so far.

Anyone for cocktails?

Screen shot: Jack Fincham Instagram @jack_charlesf

Jack and Dani Eating Chinese

Although most of us save our Chinese takeaway until the weekend, Jack and Dani smashed straight into their orders late in midweek.

Celebrities, eh, doing whatever they like!

Screen Shot: Jack Fincham Instagram @jack_charlesf

Why Were They Eating it on the Floor?

The only questionable thing to come from the images was the fact Jack and Dani were eating from the floor.

There have been no hints towards Jack and Dani moving in together, meaning the photos likely came from the Dyer family household or the Fincham house, where Jack lives with his mum in Kent.

So why were they eating it on the floor… celebrities, eh, doing whatever they like!

Eating piles of rice, noodles and spring rolls, combined with gallons or coca-cola and even more sweet and sour sauce, Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer are the nation’s heroes!

Celebs who eat Chinese like this – big up!

Screen Shot: Jack Fincham Instagram @jack_charlesf

Screen Shot: Jack Fincham Instagram @jack_charlesf

Screen Shot: Jack Fincham Instagram @jack_charlesf



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