Meet charter guests Jennifer and Darin from Below Deck

Meet charter guests Jennifer and Darin from Below Deck

Below Deck kicked off its ninth season in October 2021. The Bravo show has been airing since 2013 and Captain Lee Rosbach has been on the show since the very beginning. Now Captain Lee is back with Eddie Lucas, Rachel Hargrove, Fraser Olender and the rest of the crew.

Besides all the drama that goes on between the staff on Below Deck, viewers can always count on the charter guests to add a dose of entertainment to the show. So, let’s find out more about the guests appearing on Below Deck season 9 episode 13 – Darin and Jennifer…

Love is Blind | Season 2 Official Teaser | Netflix

Love is Blind | Season 2 Official Teaser | Netflix

Jennifer and Darin appear on Below Deck season 9 episode 13

Below Deck season 9 episode 13 features the regular chefs, stews, deckhand and crew, but the episode brings with it new charter guests.

Jennifer and Darin Birschbach and their friends board My Seanna and, judging by the episode’s preview, everything from the food served to the water provided isn’t up to scratch.

Fraser Olender and chef Rachel Hargrove appear to have their work cut out during episode 13.

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Who are Jennifer Yeo and Darin Birschbach?

Jennifer Yeo is introduced to the crew as a “real estate entrepreneur who is ready to celebrate her booming business“.

She and her husband, Darin Birschbach, and their friends appear on the Bravo show during the January 24th episode.

Jennifer is a real estate broker and the owner of Presidio Real Estate as per her LinkedIn profile. She doesn’t appear to happy on her My Seanna experience as she’s served shellfish which she specifically asked not to have and her friends thought the water tasted strange.

Screenshot: Jennifer and Dary Below Deck preview – Bravo

Are the charter guests on social media?

Yes, both Jennifer Yeo-Birschbach and her husband can be found on social media.

Jennifer is on both Facebook and Instagram (@jenniferyeorealestate) and Darin is on Facebook and Twitter, too (@djbirschbach).

As per their social media pages, they live in Utah and while Jennifer comes from California, her husband comes from Wisconsin.

As per Jennifer’s LinkedIn page, she started her brokerage back in 2011 and now has 85 agents that work for her.

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