Fresh, Fried and Crispy: Who is Daym Drops? Netflix star has his own restaurant

Fresh, Fried and Crispy: Who is Daym Drops? Netflix star has his own restaurant

Daym Drops is the star of a new Netflix show – Fresh, Fried, and Crispy! Let’s find out more about the food critic and YouTube sensation.

Fresh, Fried, and Crispy drops onto Netflix on Wednesday, June 9th, 2021. Daymon Patterson “Daym Drops” travels around America trying out the best fried foods giving his verdict along the way. Salmon, chicken and waffles, burgers stacked with lobster and many more items are on the menu for Daymn Drops. During the season preview, Daymon says: “I’m only here for one reason and one reason only – to devour!

McDonald’s BTS Meal vs Wendy’s Daym Drops Meal – YouTube

Who is Daym Drops

Daym Drops is a 43-year-old food expert who rose to fame on YouTube after making his first food critique video in 2010.

Today, Daym Drops (whose real name is Daymon Patterson) has over 1.5m YouTube subscribers.

He calls his viewers his “Foodie Fam” and describes himself as a “foodie” who wants to bring “true entertainment” to people through his channel. At the same time, subscribers get to find out Daymon’s take on all kinds of food outlets across the USA.

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Daym Drops’ Netflix debut

June 9th 2021 will see Daym Drops make his Netflix debut on Fresh, Fried & Crispy.

A huge sign of his success, after 10 years of providing top notch content, the self-made food critic has a series which will be available for people to view all over the world on the hugely popular streaming platform.

Viewers of Fresh, Fried & Crispy get to go along for the ride as the ‘Grandfather of Food Reviews’ tries out everything fried – from crab cakes to pork chops and even deep-fried Oreos.

Is Daymon on Instagram?

Yes, Daym Drops is on Instagram with around 84k followers @officialdaymdrops.

He writes in his IG bio that he’s the marketing director of Impossible Kicks. He has shoe stores in West Hartford, New Jersey and Florida. Daymon is also a co-owner of a restaurant called MofonGo which has locations in New Britain, Hartford and Windsor. The restaurant serves Latin-American cuisine.

Daym Drops has two daughters and married his wife, Ramyr Gonzales, in 2012. The father-of-two posts food-related content mainly, but his daughters do appear on his feed now and again.

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