Death in Paradise may have said goodbye to one long-standing character but a new one is just about to rock up on the island.

With the departure of Officer Dwayne Myers, who decided to leave the series having solved over 60 murders in seven years, comes the arrival of someone’s niece.

Here is everything we know about Ruby Patterson, who is played by actress Shyko Amos!

Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise

Who is Ruby Patterson?

Ruby Patterson is the latest member of the island police force.

Her backstory is an eager and fresh recruit who has come straight out of police college and just so happens to be Commissioner Patterson’s niece.

She is a fizzing cluster of energy and should become a popular figure on the island thanks to her endless enthusiasm.

Oh, and apparently she used to be a hairdresser.

She is the rookie police officer and this is her first real job. Before now she’s just been having a good time, she’s really an island girl, she knows the island and spends her weekends partying on the beach with jobs in between.

Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise

Selwyn wants her to grow up a bit so he gets her the job in the Honore police team. Throughout the episodes Ruby goes on a journey from rookie to the rookie who doesn’t really quite know if this is going to work, but still thinking that they could make this work

Who is Actress Shyko Amos?

Shyko Amos depicts Ruby in Death in Paradise, and she is a complete newbie to this sort of TV world.

This is by far her biggest acting role with just three previous IMDB credits, all of which are unknown short films.

Shyko does boast an extensive career in theatre, however, and previously won an OBIE (Off-Broadway Theater Awards).


Living between the U.S.A and U.K, she has performed at countless theatres around the world.

She kick-started her career with a BA (honours) degree in Politics from Queen Marys University of London, an MA in Musical Theatre from The Guilford School of Acting before completing a two-year acting program at William Esper Studios in New York.

You can follow her on Instagram under @shykoamos.



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