The Challenge has recently fired Dee Nguyen following comments she made about the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a statement, bosses of the MTV series confirmed they have “severed ties” with Dee who received backlash from social media users over BLM remarks.

While The Challenge hasn’t confirmed that it would edit Dee from the current season, viewers at home have noticed that she was missing from some scenes.

So, what happened? Has the show completely taken her out from Total Madness?

Dee Nguyen on The Challenge

Has Dee been edited out from The Challenge?

Yes, Dee has been removed from parts of The Challenge: Total Madness. She was missing from some scenes on the episodes on June 10th and June 17th.

The current series has already been filmed, so bosses of the MTV series must have decided to take Dee out of some scenes following her social media posts.

Following the editing, the latest two episodes have been cut back to one hour instead of their usual 90 minute-timeslot.

Dee recently got thrown into elimination on the show, however, viewers didn’t get to see her reaction or if she had confronted her teammates. Instead, this has been shown from the perspective of Melissa who questioned Bananas and Josh for their decision to put Dee on elimination.

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Fans react on social media

It’s safe to say The Challenge’s decision to remove Dee from some scenes has sparked an argument among some social media users.

While some think this was the right decision since the MTV bosses have cut ties with Dee, others have said that this could mess up the rest of the season.

Some viewers said that it was right to limit Dee’s screen time but others asked what would happen if she made it to the finals.

Dee previously won War of the Worlds 2 alongside Chris Tamburello, Jordan Wiseley and Rogan O’Connor.

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