In 2018, a patient called Delano visited Dr Pimple Popper‘s office because he had a large lump on his back. Dr Lee wasn’t sure whether she was the doctor who would be able to help Delano as his lump was determined to be a lymphangioma.

In 2020, Dr Pimple Popper fans got an update on Delano. His journey to getting the lump removed was certainly not straightforward. Dr Lee said that Delano’s case was one of the “most interesting” that she’d ever seen. So, let’s take a look at what happened to Delano and where he is now.

Carpool Karaoke | Season 5 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Carpool Karaoke | Season 5 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Dr Pimple Popper: Meet Delano

Thirty-year-old Delano Crowfield is a patient who appeared on Dr Pimple Popper‘s first-ever episode.

When Delano was 19 years old, he had a pain in his shoulder and thought that he’d pulled a muscle, but as time went on, he noticed a small lump which started getting bigger and bigger.

Delano spent years wearing a T-Shirt over his shoulder to hide the lymphangioma. He was also made homeless because his shoulder growth made it very difficult for him to get a job.

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Dr Pimple Popper drains Delano’s lymphangioma

Dr Pimple Popper season 1 episode 1 saw Delano explain that a doctor had previously drained his lymphangioma but the lump filled with fluid a month and a half later.

After losing faith in doctors, finding it almost impossible to find work, enduring homelessness and dealing with the pain of the lump for many years, Dr Lee took a look at Delano’s fluid-filled sac.

Dr Lee drained around a litre of fluid from the sac but said that she wasn’t the doctor to tackle Delano’s lymphangioma.

Delano post-op

After draining around a litre of fluid from Delano’s bump, Dr Lee sent off samples to the lab and researched what could be done to treat the lymphangioma permanently.

She enlisted the help of a surgeon who removed the lymphangioma entirely.

In 2020, Delano featured on the TLC show again and viewers were updated on how he was doing. After receiving treatment for the bump, Delano said that he’d lost 11 years of his life but he was ready to make up for lost time and get into fitness.

Delano can be found on Facebook where he writes that he’s single and hails from Detroit, Michigan.

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